What Is Enterprise SEO And Why You Should Consider It


What Is Enterprise SEO And Why You Should Consider It?

SEO is the currency that runs the web world. Any entrepreneur and web owner seeking to succeed in the digital space must make SEO central part of their marketing strategy. Over 50% of web traffic is from organic search. No serious entrepreneur would wish to miss such selling opportunity.

However, businesses grow from startups and small ventures into enterprises. At this level, the business has multiple websites and keywords they need to manage and optimize. Using the traditional SEO strategies become a complex task. Sometimes, it never achieve the intended goals of the enterprise. Here is where enterprise SEO comes into play.

What is enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO is an approach that utilize SEO strategies that focus on enhancing online presence and revenue for large companies. These companies usually have hundreds of pages on their sites. Notably, number of pages is the determiner of whether a brand is an enterprise in the virtual space and not how many employees it has hired.

When implemented strategically, enterprise SEO can help companies get more location-oriented audience.  Businesses in locations like West Chester, for example,  can maximize their visibility, reach, and overall online performance. So, enterprise SEO should be the go-to SEO West Chester strategy for businesses trying to expand in the area. 

With thousands of pages, the enterprise requires a strategic and scalable SEO model that will help it retain its search engine rankings. These sites call for high collaboration, automation, and project management because they have impact on the organization’s reputation and revenue.

 Why does enterprise SEO matter to you?

SEO is important and this does not change with enterprise SEO. It is the determinant fact of your ranking in the search results. Maybe you receive advice from an enterprise SEO consultant urging you to shift to it. But you are wondering why consider it yet you can do well with normal SEO. Here are some reasons why enterprise SEO matters:

Small business SEO strategies do not work for enterprise

As noted, enterprise websites have thousands of pages. A small impact on one can hurt the entire SEO authority of the website. Also, large companies operate in a high competitive sphere where they compete for short tail keywords.

For this reason, they require a team of specialists on enterprise SEO to help them track and maintain their organic ranking. A small business can achieve this through a content marketer who can double up as the social media manager.

Enterprise sites require collaboration

With thousands of pages to manage and ones touching various functions of the organization, collaboration is not optional. Managing an enterprise level website requires combined effort of teams from all departments. This calls for establishment of a dedicated team to carry on the SEO tasks.

Sometimes, your organization need to hire an enterprise SEO consultant to help them maintain their search engine ranking. Such an expert understand the complexity of the process and has experience in implementing SEO strategies for enterprise level websites.

It enhances website usability

Your enterprise website will make no sense if it has low usability. Target audience must be able to find your company on the search engines easily. This principle does not change with enterprise businesses. If you want to succeed, your site must be usable.

However, the road to realizing this goal can be hard for enterprises. You will need to utilize SEO strategies fit for your business size to harness your usability. Only through enterprise SEO implementation can you realize such goals. Through it you can access information on the best way to improve your website usability and experience.

Enterprise sites face stiff competition

Unlike small businesses, enterprise sites have to compete with ranking brands. These brand have well-defined and sophisticated SEO strategies. Your business need to compete for keywords with local and international brands. Sometimes the keywords can go into thousands. You will need to structure a strategy that can help you beat such competition and stand out.

This aspect is not possible without a good enterprise SEO approach. The strategy must incorporate various aspects such as scalability and automation.it should also consider multiple location by localizing searches.

In addition, the enterprise must establish and manage multiple sites and subdomains while ensuring uniformity among them. Failing to do this can lead to content duplication, inconsistency and keyword cannibalization. Hence, you will need a well-thought out SEO strategy.

Wrapping up

In a word, enterprise SEO is essential for large organizations. But enterprise definition in this space does not mean organizational size alone. Rather, it is the number of pages in your site. The number should be over 1000 pages.

With such huge pages to manage, basic SEO strategies will not deliver the desired results. You will need a holistic approach to SEO that will help you maintain your search engine ranks and authority. The answer is enterprise SEO.