Why are motivational speakers important?


A good motivational speech can be fundamentally life changing. Stories are powerful. Experiences are meaningful. When we begin to learn to listen each other and inspire each other with what we have learned, that’s when we’ll really start to see positive change in the world. If you’ve got an idea about a path that you want to take in your life, but you don’t know where to start – what better way to begin than by listening to an expert in your chosen area tell their story. Be inspired by their journey, learn from their experience. There really is no more powerful way to be inspired. And when we consider that some motivational or keynote speakers pull in audiences of thousands of people, we can begin to imagine the scope of just how important this work is. Imagine if every single person that heard just that one speech, then went on to have a positive impact on the world as a result of what they heard? The ripple effects can be enormous. Most motivational speakers never really fully get to see the impact of their work.

The advantages of listening to a valuable motivational speech are too many to mention – and it can be difficult to fully describe the magnitude of how it can make you feel and the difference it can make. But I’ve tried to break it down for you below.

Here are my top 10 benefits of listening to a motivational speaker: –

  • Being inspired by different life perspectives
  • Coming away with real belief in your own dreams
  • Learning to grow from failure
  • Becoming determined
  • Developing your ability to relate to others
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Learning new things
  • Improving your career
  • Becoming successful
  • Finding the best version of yourself

With so many amazing benefits on offer, you’d be a fool not to delve into the world of motivational speaking today. We are so fortunate in this day and age to have easy access to whatever it is we need information about. Sites like TED Talks, mean that we have inspiration waiting for us just a few clicks away. And it doesn’t matter what it is that you need inspiration for! Literally everything in life requires motivation – and life can quickly become very miserable without it. We so often thinking of motivational speaking being needed only for the huge changes we’re making in life – and of course those are important – but we need motivation on every level every single day! Do you want to paint your house? Read that book you’ve been meaning to get to for ages? Start working out more like you’ve been promising yourself for years? It all needs motivation. And luckily for us, whatever it is we’re feeling, whatever it is we need – it’s right there at our fingertips with the help of our good friend Google, we can find it.

My favourite kind of inspiration is when it hits you when you least expect it and definitely weren’t searching for it. You’re innocently scrolling through social media one day and suddenly Justin Baldoni is speaking to your soul about toxic masculinity. Or Esther Perrel is redefining your whole life perspective on relationships. (Those were both really good! I’d recommend checking them out!) And just like that, your whole world changes. It only took 20 minutes out of your day, and you are changed, inspired, you’ve learnt more in those 20 minutes than you have sometimes in the years before that led up to that moment. You remember what you learned forever, and the way it made you feel. When you go on to meet other people in life who you feel would benefit from hearing that perspective, you share it – you send them the link to the video, and it hits them straight in the heart too. They go on to do the same. Literally changing the world one human heart at a time.

But a word of caution before you head of on your journey of discovery. Obviously, not all motivational speakers are created equal, so it’s worth doing your research about who you choose to spend your time listening to. Particularly if you’re investing in a motivational speaker to help with some of the larger changes in your life. Try to find recommendations from people you trust about somebody that’s helped them. Or failing that, have a good look at online reviews. Most motivational speakers will usually be up for having a no cost initial chat with you to see whether you feel they are the right fit for you.