Why You Need a Virtual Mobile Number


We’re all used to having our mobile phones with us but have you ever thought that life would be easier if you had more than one number? That used to mean that you’d need to carry around two phones, make sure both were charged up, and ensure that you never ran out of credit for either one.

Well, your problems may be solved! Have you heard people talking about having a virtual mobile number and wondered what they were on about? In this guide, we’ve going to tell you how you can have a second mobile phone number without the hassle of two handsets.

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is a temporary phone number that you can access via an app on your phone. You choose how long you need the number for and then cancel it when the requirement is no longer there. Pricing does vary depending on your area and how many months of service you purchase at one time, but most services offer a free trial before you sign up for a subscription.

Reasons For Having a Virtual Number

There are several reasons why a virtual number might make your life easier. Have are some of the key times that they are so handy to have.

Keep Your Personal Number Private

Virtual phone numbers make it possible for people to avoid companies or services using their personal number. This gives peace of mind and helps keep your personal information secure from spammers and scammers. For companies with physical locations, virtual phone numbers allow them to record calls whether they’re in the office or at a client’s site.

Create an Online Storefront

A virtual phone number is critical for creating an online storefront, conducting transactions, and accepting payments over the phone. Instead of paying monthly subscription fees, virtual phone numbers are paid for by the month with no hidden charges or equipment costs.

Businesses can also purchase extensions that allow them to have multiple options when someone calls their main line. Customers looking to place orders or inquire about new products can press one button on their phones to connect with billing or customer service right away.

Helps Achieve Work-Life Balance for Business Professionals

Virtual phone numbers are great for people who don’t want to give out their personal phone number. This then draws the line between work and home and prevents your time off from being interrupted by work phone calls.

Your Business Can Be Found Virtually Anywhere in the World

Businesses that operate in multiple countries, states, or even cities can benefit from having virtual phone numbers. Virtual numbers allow them to easily change location and direct calls back home without any interruption in service.

Home-based businesses can also appear more established with their very own local area code and receive calls 24/7 without worrying about making themselves available at all times of the day or night.

A Virtual Number is More Cost-Effective

Virtual phone numbers allow you to get the business number you want without paying long-term subscription fees and extra costs for equipment, call forwarding, and voicemail. Instead of having a full-time employee dedicated just for screening calls or paying big bucks to rent office space, virtual phone numbers provide professionals with an affordable way to project a professional image 24 hours per day.

What Should I Know About Forwarding Calls?

Calls can be forwarded to your current cell number, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on important calls when you’re traveling abroad. If there are multiple employees in the office, virtual phone numbers can be assigned to specific people or used as an extension on the main line if desired.

Voicemail messages can also be set up on your virtual number so you don’t have to pay for an automated service or rely on an answering machine that might not be turned on.

The Benefits of a Virtual Phone Number

Virtual phone numbers are known for giving professionals more options when picking their preferred contact number, making it easy to forward calls back to the main line or give out a separate line that’s dedicated just to business. These numbers are also great because they’re flexible and can be used whether you’re serving customers in your home country or traveling abroad.

By providing potential customers with an alternate way of getting in touch with businesses, virtual phone numbers not only increase conversions but reduce customer turnover rates. Instead of letting customers slip away because of a missed call, virtual phone numbers allow you to serve your clients better by keeping them satisfied with quick resolutions.

Virtual phone numbers are also great for companies that work on commission, allowing sales staff to sell more products or services while being paid every time they contact customers.