Working from Home: 4 Improvements


Perhaps you have just been accepted for a new and exciting job role that will enhance your work-to-life balance, in part due to the hybrid working options that come with the position.

Maybe, instead, your role has evolved and changed over the years you have been diligently working for the same company, and you are now based entirely from home.

Either way, you have clicked on the right article as, as is the case of everything else in modern life, there are numerous improvements that can be made to your working-from-home life.

1.    Declutter Your Workspace


It would be entirely normal for you to, upon first learning of your new or transformed working-from-home role, revel in the fact that you no longer need to wear a three-piece suit and you can now work anywhere, be that in the garden or snuggled on the sofa under a blanket.

While this is, of course, true (although video calling your direct manager in your pink Disney pajamas may not be entirely advisable), it is an unavoidable fact that you will be much more productive and efficient in a home office with a traditional desk and chair set-up.


2.    Ensure Your Internet Is as Efficient as Possible


If you have been a huge fan of technological innovations and accessible developments with modern technology and computing over the years, you will no doubt remember the painfully slow, not to mention noisy, process of connecting to the internet in the early days.

Now, however, even though you may believe your internet connection at home could not be improved, if you do not have fiber internet, frankly, you are probably wrong. Research the question, is fiber optic internet better than DSL? and marvel at the myriad benefits fiber internet provides.


3.    Keep to a Routine


A huge bonus of working from home is that you now have zero commute time (unless you live in a mansion and are several wings away from your desk), but even if you work flexi-time, it is still best for your emotional health and your productivity levels to stick to a routine.

Furthermore, the time you used to spend commuting to the office could now be put to good use and instead could be the time you exercise, read, or even catch up on the latest world news.


4.    Set Clear Boundaries for Your Family


Annoyingly, when you earn money while working from home, many friends and family members entirely wrongly believe that this means that you are not actually ‘working’ and can be contacted any time of the day.

Just because you are not in a physical office setting, it is important to still lay out clear and unwavering boundaries for your working day. If you have young children, whereby it is harder (and more heartbreaking) to shun their attention, you could always factor in a traditional lunch break at the same time every day and eat your lunch with them.