3 Modern Marketing Tips for Modern Businesses

December 18, 2019



Effective marketing is difficult to get right and easy to get wrong. Businesses who don’t pay attention to the latest trends and prevailing winds are doomed to fail.

Below are three modern marketing tips that any business can use today to enhance their marketing strategies.

Gather and Use Data

Virtually everything that businesses do today is affected by data. By introducing data and data analytics into the equation when formulating strategies, businesses are able to make much more informed decisions than were previously possible. This is just as true for marketing as it is in other fields of business. Modern marketing is often driven by data, often in unexpected ways.

Personalization has been a growing trend in marketing for some time, and this would not be possible without data about their users. Equally, the advent of social media as the most important arena in which businesses compete for market share has meant that data-driven marketing has now become the norm for many businesses.

The sooner you start gathering and deploying data, the better. If you aren’t currently using sizing data, think about how you can introduce new procedures for gathering and analyzing it.

Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms are the single most important arena for business marketing today. Your success or failure within the social media sphere will determine the overall success of many digital marketing campaigns.

In order to use social media to its full effectiveness, you need to not only produce marketing for each platform, but also to maintain active profiles on all of them.

If you use social media the right way, it will augment your other marketing strategies. We will talk shortly about how you can add more valuable content to your website, but social media gives you the perfect means to disseminate this content to a wider audience.

Add a Blog to Your Website

If you want your website to be an effective lead generation tool, as well as a fruitful source of revenue, then you need to encourage people to keep visiting it. There are numerous ways that you can monetize a website, beyond simply selling your products and services through it. Basically, if you can generate a high enough volume of traffic, then it becomes easy to convert that traffic into money.

A great way of encouraging more people to visit your website is to add a blog to it. A blog gives you the opportunity to publish content that will be of interest to your audience and which will encourage more people to visit your website. Try to stick to content that is suitable for your particular niche. For example, if you are a PCB design business, then articles on ROHS compliance software will be of interest to your audience. Even though this is quite a niche topic, a significant proportion of visitors to your website are likely to be interested in it.

Good marketing is vital to the survival of any business, but the field of marketing is one that changes so rapidly, that what works one year won’t necessarily work the next. The tips above all represent solid and active marketing strategies for businesses operating today.

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