3 Ways Ecommerce Gurus Use Data

February 9, 2021

Monitoring lost customers is a lot more challenging for eCommerce than it is for physical stores. A physical presence watching customers and how they act is simple in a store, but it might be easier to emulate online than you might think. The key is to use your data in the right way. If you’ve been operating for a while and your growth has become stunted, your data is the key to unlocking the reason why and ensuring that you make the right changes. Ecommerce gurus use and manage their data in the smartest ways, and by prioritizing these steps, you could transform the future of your brand.

Data Management

With access to such a dizzying range of analytics, it can be hard to manage that volume across your entire business infrastructure effectively. Miscommunications and misaligned goals become common, which is where Master Data Management comes in. By using the right data platforms, you can streamline your internal infrastructures so that your data doesn’t get lost in the messaging. Take a closer look at Master Data Management, and your data will be easier to use more effectively. The longer that you’ve been operating, the more likely it is that you’re dealing with convoluted data processes or legacy IT infrastructures. Take control of your data management, and you’ll be able to gain faster and more revealing insights.

Trouble Pages

Your conversion rates are one of your most valuable stats to monitor and measure, and they can be useful when looked at in the right way. Too many business owners look at high conversion rates and make missteps in how they approach the issue. Rather than switching your content tone across your entire site, use your data to identify the pages that have the highest exit rates. It could be that you’re not offering the right content, your shipping prices are too high, or that you don’t offer the payment options your customers want. Use your data to identify trouble pages and make the right changes. Don’t forget to use your data to identify your best-performing pages as well, and look for the best ways to take advantage of those pages.

Monitoring Traffic Sources

The more information that you have about how customers find your website, the better. Use your data to find out how customers are finding you and use that information for your marketing strategies. If you’re seeing that you have fewer site visitors from Facebook than you used to but that your visitors from TikTok/Instagram/Twitter are growing, that’s a sign that those customers have moved away from Facebook. That means you can spend less time creating content for the platforms that your target audience is moving away from and focus your efforts on marketing messages that are designed for different platforms. From your SEO to your emails, always know the platforms and marketing methods that are driving clients to you.

Your data has never been more valuable, but gurus know the best ways to make the best use of that data. Take your time to learn some of the most basic ways that more proactive data use can complement your growth plans, and you could be generating higher profits than ever before.

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