4 Things That Might Be Stopping You from Getting Your Dream Job

January 14, 2020



Whether you’ve just graduated or are making a career change, you no doubt have a certain job in mind that you’d love to do. If you’ve sent out a lot of applications, yet found you haven’t gotten past the interview stage, then you may be wondering whether something is holding you back from your dream job. Here are some areas where you may need to make improvements if you want to get into a great career.

  1. Your resume

There are a number of flaws your resume might have that are putting off employers. These could include:

  • Spelling or grammar mistakes
  • Lack of information
  • An overly long, waffling resume (make it two pages, max)
  • Obvious inaccuracies – i.e., a college graduate boasting of years of experience

With so many online guides to writing a resume, there’s no excuse in 2020 for this important document to hold you back. If you’re applying for a technical or design job, you should also ensure you have an online resume and portfolio you can link to.

  1. Interview nerves or not being prepared

While interviewers expect a certain amount of nerves in people coming to an interview, if you’re a complete wreck, then it’s something you’ll need to work on. Mindfulness techniques can help, as can being well-prepared and rehearsing answers in advance. If you have had a lot of interviews and aren’t spending much time preparing, or leaving it to the last minute, this may also be something you need to work on. Make sure you’re well-groomed and turn up looking neat and tidy, not a rushed mess.

  1. An old criminal conviction

Employers are becoming increasingly careful when hiring new people, often carrying out background checks that can bring up old criminal convictions. If your past is causing issues when you seek employment, it may be worth looking at the expunge services offered by Expungement America. Certain crimes can’t be removed from your record, but if you’ve committed offenses such as petty theft, a DUI or shoplifting, and have since been a good citizen, then you may be able to get these records sealed.

  1. A lack of experience

While you may have your eyes on a dream job, the person making hiring decisions may not want to take the risk of hiring someone without experience. Some skills are transferable, so you can play them up, but otherwise, you may need to get some real-world experience. More and more adults are taking on internships, which can often be a route into a certain role or a way to get a foot in the door. If you can live off your savings for a while, then it can be a good investment in your future.

It’s not always easy to find your dream job, so when the right vacancy comes along, make sure you’re prepared. From putting together an attention-grabbing resume, to perfecting your interview technique, investing a little time can pay off when you find the job you really love.

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