5 Ways to Keep Your Job and Get Ahead


5 Ways to Keep Your Job and Get Ahead

Being valued and adding value are essential to a prosperous career or business strategy. However, sometimes, meeting your employer’s expectations or even your own standards seems challenging. Perhaps your motivation is dwindling, you’ve received feedback that you need to enhance your performance, or the business isn’t achieving the success you anticipated. These scenarios are common, leading us to question how we can improve.

Get Educated

A significant number of employers show a preference for employing and advancing staff members who possess university degrees. Acknowledging that holding a degree increases your likelihood of promotion, dedicating your resources and effort to secure a college degree is advisable.

For those already holding a degree, it’s worthwhile to contemplate acquiring additional skills to elevate your work performance. Many large companies often provide complimentary training in software usage, communication, or leadership. Should your employer not provide such educational opportunities, investigate local classes. There’s a chance your employer may cover these educational expenses if you can effectively argue their value.

Re-Evaluate Yourself and Your Skills

As you embark on your journey of self-development, be mindful of your current passions. It’s possible you were drawn to your career due to a love for interpersonal connections, yet ascending to your manager’s position might mean reduced personal interaction.

Reflect on seeking alternative, similar roles that provide a salary hike and/or more duties and respect the original motivations behind your career choice. For example, if you’re looking for how to become a notary in NY, you can research the necessary qualifications and explore options for increasing your responsibilities within your current company.

Manage Expectations

Starting immediately, ensure that you and your supervisor clearly understand the outcomes you are supposed to achieve. If unclear, draft a list of expectations to present to your supervisor and adjust them as necessary.

If your company lacks formal evaluations every six months or annually, please touch base with your supervisor periodically to verify that you’re fulfilling the expected standards. Keep a record of all feedback regarding projects from both your supervisor and peers, allowing you to precisely track your progress.

Communicate Well

Striving to maintain open communication with your supervisors is essential. Ensure you’re aligned with their expectations of you. Engaging in these discussions ensures you’re consistently meeting your objectives.

While most organizations conduct performance evaluations to give you insights into your progress, asking for one is advisable if yours does not. In addition to discussing your goals, be transparent about any errors. Concealing mistakes may portray you as both unskilled and untrustworthy. Conversely, owning up to them and learning from these experiences demonstrates to your managers your accountability and readiness to learn from your actions.

Presentation Matters

The importance of your job performance is clear, but equally critical is your personal presentation. It’s essential to project a professional image through your attire and behavior consistently.

Remember that various individuals interpret professionalism differently, so observing your coworkers’ standards can be helpful. Daily suits aren’t mandatory if your workplace embraces a casual dress code. Ensure your presentation aligns with the specific environment of your workplace. When you visibly prioritize professionalism, it will not go unnoticed by your management.


Advancing in your career requires diligence and perseverance, yet it is entirely achievable. By establishing clear objectives, maintaining a commitment to continual learning and development, expanding your professional connections, taking initiative, actively soliciting constructive criticism, adapting to new situations, honing your communication abilities, and prioritizing your well-being, you can set the stage for achieving your career aspirations.