Attorneys See Better ROI From Local Search Than PPC According To Law Firm SEO Expert and Internet Marketing Gurus

August 19, 2019



Law firms are probably one of the biggest winners when it comes to making use of the internet. What used to happen was that attorneys would have to create pricey TV spots to promote their firms, or have billboards plastered all over the streets. These were pretty much the only ways they could reach their future clients, along with newspapers, that is. Those approaches proved too pricey, and their reach started fading with the advent of technology and the internet. 

As a result, they decided to create online websites and utilize social media and the massive power that comes with it to promote their services. And the results were impressive. They even developed their own approaches, using local search optimization rather than pay per click ads, which was the dominant approach when the internet first came out.

Attorneys see better ROI with local search

While pay per click ads did serve their purpose, they became outdated real fast. With search engine optimization evolving and becoming companies’ number one resource for reaching a bigger audience, law firms got in on that train and started utilizing SEO to get more leads. It worked too. Stats show that law firms that generate 60 percent more leads online make twice as much money than those who generate 20 percent or less. This goes to show the importance of local search results, and how people use it to find any service they’re looking for, including legal ones.

A personalized approach

One of the main reasons why law firms are focusing on SEO and local search is the fact that it creates a more personalized approach to your target audience. It’s not some random TV spot or a huge billboard on the street among dozens. According to the people at, law firms require a tailored approach when it comes to SEO. Attorneys can’t just utilize the same strategies as an online store or any other business for that matter. They require a custom-made plan on different fronts to reach more people, effectively, and that’s why it works so well with them. Numbers show that people visit five different attorney websites on average before they settle on the one they’re rolling with. This means you have a 20 percent chance of being selected, and that’s why you need a personalized SEO approach, so you could increase those chances.

Easier to reach more people

If a person crashed their car into a reckless driver, or got wrongfully terminated at their place of employment, they will not look for a lawyer in the newspaper. They’ll do it online. This is the power of the internet, and it’s where search engine optimization plays a huge role. Your leads are going to be looking online for lawyers to help them, and if your SEO game isn’t at its best, then they’ll sign up with other law firms. While the internet has made it much easier for attorneys to reach leads, it also made it much more competitive. This is why firms are investing as much money as they are, so they can stay ahead of the competition. 

Better user experience

Getting higher on the local search results entails not only more leads, but also a better user experience for all leads, even those who won’t sign up with you right away. Google rankings take the user experience on your website into consideration. This is why a law firm needs to optimize their website using search engine optimization. SEO doesn’t just mean placing the right words at the right places. It also means creating a user friendly experience for your potential clients. People don’t want to log into a law firm’s website to be surrounded by legal jargon and complicated navigation. If that happens, they’ll simply leave and look for another firm to deal with. So, it’s crucial to use SEO to improve that user experience.

Social media

Another way SEO has helped law firms improve on the local search results is through social media. Law firms are now creating campaigns through different platforms, and it’s paying off. People spend a lot of time on these different apps, and you need to reach them there. Your potential leads might not even know they can sue in certain cases, which is why it’s important to guide them online through social media.

Staying ahead of the competition

Attorneys wishing to stay ahead of their competition are investing in improving their local search ranking, and they’re seeing better ROI for it. If your law firm wants the same, you should definitely invest in SEO and the doors it opens for your business. 

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