Complete Guide to Find Real SEO and Internet Marketing Gurus


In constant optimization and improvement of SEO tactics, you should do your best only to keep up with competitors. If you want to win the race, you need an expert level of knowledge. It’s possible to master this area yourself, but it steals time from the main business. The wisest decision is to resort to effective professional services. If you run an online search for an internet marketing guru, you’ll be amazed by the number of results. To help you, we compiled a guide on searching for an SEO az in 2022.

Why Do You Need a Guru?

In simple words, a specialist will lead your site to the leading positions in your area and ensure high ranks in search results. Such guru has the following responsibilities:

  • building an overall tactic;
  • optimization of your content following the goal and search engine requirements;
  • development and execution of different campaigns;
  • selection of the most effective software for SEO experts;
  • adding new information to the resource according to the chosen strategy.

Top specialists in SEO online marketing can perform magic, transforming your resource into an effective and perfectly working mechanism.

What Skills are Necessary for a Guru?

The demand for various skills is constantly changing, so, you need a clear picture of future results to determine the most important ones. We recommend reading about expertise vital for a freelancer you hire receiving useful SEO backlinks. From this article, you’ll know what to look for and what to expect.

Digital marketing gurus should know the affiliate marketing network perfectly and have solid experience of working with it. Usually, they have a lot of connections facilitating the affiliate programs and obtaining the backlinks. Real experts have successfully run marketing campaigns in the past and know the technology perfectly.

Professional uses modern tools and don’t afraid to try new software or platforms. In the world of digital marketing, instruments can become outdated in course of months, it’s essential to keep up with technologies.

How to Choose a Specialist?

To choose the best SEO guru, you have to ask some questions. Read the recommendations on attracting traffic to your landing page in this blog article to feel more confident. The information will help estimate the candidate’s professional skills level.

A person with perfect knowledge of the subject should explain it in simple language and make it understandable for a newbie. Complex terminology and vague definitions can be a sign of a poor specialist. Real guru answers your question about qualification and experience and presents the past results and achievements.

Questions to Ask

There are many lists of questions you should ask the SEO specialist to confirm his fitness for the job on the Internet. We recommend paying attention to seven areas while talking with candidates.

  1. Proof of experience. Carefully studied the portfolio and provided references. Ask if you can contact the previous clients. The person confident in their reputation reacts positively to such checks. If the candidate acts nervous, consider other variants.
  2. Captious questions. You can ask about the probability of getting first place in search results or the nature of organic results. Don’t hire a candidate making promises before carefully studying the situation or confusing different types of effects.
  3. Guarantees and agreements. A professional should tell you about the arrangements you have to sign from the beginning. You also need to clarify the promises and the forfeit if the results are not achieved.
  4. Preferred software and techniques. Manual links placement and other SEO actions are not that effective. The use of proper tools raises efficiency and shortens the terms of results achievement. If the freelancer claims that all the work will be done manually, chances are he’s lying or offering services of low quality.
  5. Presumable results and risks. A realistic goal is the key to success. A true professional doesn’t make unrealistic forecasts and false promises. He can openly talk about possible risks and explains what you can face and how to avoid them.
  6. Presence of subcontractors. The SEO specialist shouldn’t hide that part of the work will be done by other companies or hired freelancers. It’s normal practice, but it is a clear red sign attempting to deceive you. If the candidate confirms the services of subcontractors, ask about their credentials.
  7. List of services. Apart from the clear result, you can count on; the professional should provide a detailed sheet of actions for its achievement. If different companies accomplish them, every task should have an assignee and a person responsible for it.

In any case, trust your intuition. Even if the candidate looks perfect and can answer all the questions, search for someone else if you don’t like him. Mutual trust is vital for a successful job; try to find a guru pleasant to work with. And after signing the agreement, follow the recommendations of the hired specialist to get the best synergetic results