As Customer Service Has No Limits so is The Delivery Performance


by Ashok Agarwal

As customer expectations are sky high so the delivery systems too must match with the consumer aspirations. The unit is there because the customer is there. The production is there because the demand is there. If no customer then no unit. Even in the case of door service customer will find flaws . Take the case of banking industry . Almost all us us are dealing with some or the other bank . Today banks are reaching the doorsteps of the customers . Suppose a banker reaches late to client doorsteps then the client may say that the as you are late by suppose 10 minutes so the business is given to someone else. Take care of your customer, as if you won’t take care of him then someone else will take . Today customer is God and king . There is buyers market and he dictates the terms to the sellers. Cash rich and blue chip companies are chased by bankers and such companies are dictating the bankers their own soft sanction terms and conditions. And good parties banks do not want to leave and anyhow they are compelled to sanction loans and limits on softer terms as to rate of interest, margin, furnishing personal guarantees, comfort letters, mortgage of immovable assets (L&B) and hypothecation of movable assets (P&M) and corporate guarantees etc.

In the recent past , the focus has shifted from CUSTOMER SERVICE TO CUSTOMER DELIGHT. Vendors of goods and services need to be customer friendly and all their policies are customer-centric. Customer is just like a PIVOT , around which all the activities rotate. As we talk of retention of good and talented employees , the same way good customer no organization can afford to leave. As finance is the life blood of commerce the customer occupies the place prior to finance, as for whom the whole business is carried on. Only demand of goods & services will require finance so the CUSTOMER IS PRIOR TO FINANCE. Customer satisfaction is the prime objective of any management. A satisfied customer will bring five more and an unsatisfied will be a big loss to the business. If one cannot render best services to customers then he cannot stand and survive in the market. The entrepreneur is required to make market studies and researches and do manufacturing operations accordingly.

Everybody knows that the customer expectations are sky high , but there is no other option except to tone up the delivery and performance systems. The vendor can commence various incentive schemes to boost sales and new strategies can be devised and evolved such as sale at factory price , heavy sales discounts to clear goods/stocks glut (accumulation of inventories). Again I will make a mention of the GAME OF TURNOVER which will make your goods lifted with a lesser margin but it will more than compensate when turnover is considered. But the entrepreneur must never compromise with the quality and charge the least . DELIVER CHEAP AND BEST. By wrong methods TODAY YOU CAN SURVIVE BUT DEFINITELY NOT TOMORROW.

Ashok Aggarwal