Getting Through Cancer

February 14, 2020



Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the hardest things anyone has to go through. It’s terrifying and incredibly overwhelming, and often it is hard to know how to cope with the news or where to turn. Although everyone reacts differently to the news, and each person has their own coping mechanisms, here are a few points that could help you get through this difficult time.

Allow Yourself to Feel

No doubt you will be experiencing a range of emotions after receiving such a diagnosis, and further still when you begin treatment. It’s okay to be frightened, angry or perhaps even numb to what is happening. Whatever emotion you pass through, allow yourself to feel it. You might think you need to be strong for those around you, but they will understand if there are days when you simply need to get some relief and let your emotions go. If you’re really struggling to come to terms with what is happening to you, or if you would just like some advice on how to cope day to day, consider seeing a therapist who specializes in this kind of counselling.

Consider Treatment Options

Depending on the stage of your cancer, treatments will vary in strengths and some can be very hard on your physical and mental state. This is a very daunting process, but discuss with your physician what options you have available to you. There are treatments that take a more holistic approach if that’s something you feel more comfortable with, such as alternative thymoma treatment if that has been your diagnosis — but these treatments can also extend to various types of cancers.

Take Care of Yourself

It is easy to fall into a rut after a cancer diagnosis. You might develop depression or anxiety as well as becoming less physically strong due to the condition. It is therefore important during this time to practice self-care. Rest, eat well and where you can, do gentle exercises to keep the rest of your body healthy. Practice mindfulness techniques as well to help with any psychological effects the experience is having on you.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Surrounding yourself with friends and family is always highly recommended when going through tough times in life. They will be your support system through all stages of this fight, so don’t push them away from you. This will be equally as important to get them through their difficulties with your diagnosis — in that way, you will all be stronger together. Additionally, spending time with them will make you realize what’s really important in life, and remind you to be grateful for having them even if it might seem like there isn’t much to be grateful for.

Try to Think Positive

The power of positive thinking is a lot stronger than people realize, so try to keep it up during your treatment. This will give you more motivation to fight and give you strength to tackle each step with a calmer demeanour. Tell your family to do this too: request that they don’t treat you like someone who is ill, but rather in the way they always have done to help you maintain your positivity.

Cancer is a terrible thing to have to face, but try to stay as strong as possible and don’t give up the fight.

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