How Can Team Leaders Transform Office Spaces to Ensure Maximum Productivity and Team Happiness?

January 01, 2021

During the many nightmarish months of 2020, many companies sent their employees home and had them working remotely. But since we are learning to live with the virus while taking all possible precautions, workers have been returning to their offices. This might be the ideal time to evaluate what is going on with your company’s workspace and make necessary changes since happy employees are mandatory for your company’s success. The way your office space is designed can affect the productivity levels of everyone who works there. Given below are some things to change, to implement and look out for, to create the best workspace for your employees.

How Can Team Leaders Transform Office Spaces to Ensure Maximum Productivity and Team Happiness?

Ensure Fresh air

Something as small as ensuring a good circulation of fresh air in the office can significantly improve your employees’ productivity levels. This has been proven by studies that analysed how fresh air and pollutants impact productivity.

Though many employees feel that they need to smoke to function well, make sure that you prohibit smoking within the office space. Assign specific outdoor areas away from the main office for these purposes.

Using systems that help with air filtration can also improve the quality of the air inhaled by your employees. Also, place a few live plants around the workspace. Apart from enhancing the décor, these will also help purify the air a little better. If air conditioning is not absolutely necessary and can be easily controlled, switch it off and open up the windows. This will help open up the office space and bring in fresh air directly as long as you are not located in the middle of the city, right above heavy traffic.

Supply healthy food

Your employees might tend to munch on unhealthy snacks during breaks or as they work. Try to help them get rid of this habit by making fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks readily available.

Employees trying to stay healthy might spend time researching the nearest restaurants that serve good food. Help them out by sending emails or giving out pamphlets regarding the best tried and tested healthy food outlets.

When supplying healthy food in vending machines and refrigerators, make sure that you display the nutritional values and warnings regarding ingredients that could trigger an allergic reaction.

To prevent them from binging on unhealthy snacks while working, create designated areas where they can eat and relax and come back to their table with renewed energy.

Focus on the interiors

Employees spend a large number of hours at the office, so it is vital to ensure the utmost comfort and versatility when it comes to the furniture they use. Try to make the chairs and tables customisable so that they can make tweaks according to their needs and not worry about any health issues such as back pain caused by incorrect seating.

Besides the furniture, you must also choose suitable colours for your office space. Keeping it drab and dreary does not help anyone. But beautiful walls with blue, green and red accent pieces as pops of colours will invigorate your employees. These strategically placed colours and well-painted walls will give your office a modern feel.

While white lights are essential for workers to stay alert, you must make sure to prevent any glare or harshness that could make your employees tired and give them headaches. Your office space must be well lit all around but choose the most appropriate lighting that will not hinder anyone’s work.

Improve the work-life balance

An employee that feels resentment towards doing their job will not be profitable for your company. Make sure that you understand their needs and give them the flexibility and freedom to perform well.

On some days, they might not feel very motivated and would rather spend some time finding means to rejuvenate and play at online casinos like those listed in Give your employees the ability to work from home on particular days and make it relatively easy for them to take vacation days and days off to visit their family or the hospital for medical check-ups. Make sure that they have enough time to engage in the activities they love and passions they want to explore.

If your employees understand that you care about their health and happiness, they will feel more encouraged while doing their tasks, resulting in better success and profits for your company.

Summing up

If you are concerned about your employees’ well-being, you can introduce weekly yoga sessions with trained instructors. Improving the quality of the air supplied in the office and providing healthier alternatives to junk food in the vending machine are great ways to create a much healthier workspace. A healthy and happy workforce will tremendously improve your company’s functioning and take it to the heights you seek to achieve.

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