How Reading Defines the Characteristics of a Great Leader

March 12, 2020

Some of the world’s greatest leaders are undeniably good readers. In the same manner, some of the most established CEOs and successful entrepreneurs are self-proclaimed bookworms. But what is it about reading that creates a significant impact on how the character of a great leader is built? Better read on to find out.

How Reading Defines the Characteristics of a Great Leader

Reading Encourages Critical Thinking

Leaders are critical thinkers. It can be that they developed this skill at a very young age through reading and continuously enhanced it over time as they come of age. Children tend to recognize right from wrong based on the characters and situations in their storybooks. In the same manner, adults also have the capability to determine whether the information they are ingesting is relevant or not, particularly when they are reading about topics that are relevant to their field of expertise. Overall, reading generally helps individuals become more analytical, which is one characteristic of a great leader.

Reading Develops Communication Skills

Leaders are naturally good communicators which could have been developed because of their love for reading. This is because when you read a wide variety of books in different genres, you tend to familiarize yourself with the language used in the book and develop a certain level of proficiency. This makes it easy for you to understand and relate with other people, particularly those who are using the same language. Based on the books you read, you get a good idea of what words to use to be able to effectively convey the message you want to relay. In the same manner, you will also have an insight into the perfect timing on when you should say what you want to express in order for the recipient of the message to understand what you mean. All these develop your communication skills, which is common across numerous great leaders.

Reading Provides Challenges

Leaders appreciate it more when their viewpoint is not immediately agreed upon by their team. This is because they love being challenged because it is through these challenges that their skills are enhanced and their knowledge is broadened. Reading at some point can be challenging, particularly when the concept of the book contradicts your beliefs. As such, a number of the best leadership books may prove to be in contrast to your point of view. While you may learn from the life of some great leaders, you may not always agree with the way that they run their countries, corporations or teams. However, this should be treated as a welcome challenge because reading a book that challenges your opinions may offer you a fresh perspective.

In conclusion, encourage your children to read and help them establish a certain love for books. This will help them develop critical thinking abilities and at the same time, it will make them better communicators. These skills that they learn through reading are some of the characteristics of great leaders. This will most certainly pave the way for a brighter future because the children we teach today are the leaders of tomorrow.

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