How to Boost Morale in the Office

June 25, 2020

Most people that have been working for numerous years have at some point worked in an environment that feels soul destroying. A gloomy office is an unhappy office that will detrimentally impact your businesses productivity, innovation and culture. Creating a happy and work friendly environment transfers to people’s lives outside of work and boost your productivity, making a company you will be proud of. With most of our lives being associated in a working environment to some degree the importance of a fun place to work should not be ignored.

Make Your Office Fit for Purpose

People will only be able to feel relaxed and happy at work if you have built a place, they can feel comfortable. Having professional  office cleaning services and making the office more modern and welcoming will make your employees feel proud of their workplace. The right furniture and facilities are one of the most effective ways to boost employee morale. With an eye-pleasing, comforting and clean environment you can make the office more like home, fostering creativity and productivity in your design.

Creative Meet Ups

There are many ways you can boost morale in the office and one of the best ways is to take employees out of the office! Taking your teams to an activity centre where you can team build or simply relax can give them time to build relationships while they build key skills. You can split the company into teams or work towards a common goal that will develop their communication, planning and teamwork. Creative meetups not only boost employee morale, they also enable your teams to grow.

Embracing Downtime

Moulding a dedicated team requires compromise. If you want to boost morale and achieve the best out of them then embracing downtime is a must. Google offices have taken this to the max, providing Lego, game consoles, and more in their offices for their teams to unwind. The reason this is so important is that it provides much needed time for your team to relax their brains, refocus, and reenergise. Having downtime also can be used as a motivational tool, promoting good mental health, and avoiding burnout.

Opening the Seating Area

Are your offices filled with dividers and areas purposed for different departments? Why not embrace the benefits of having an open office that promotes communication and ideas. Enabling your employees to move around in the office and work among different groups encourages them to mingle with new people.  Adopting a co-working structure can boost employee satisfaction and avoid becoming bored being stuck at the same desk every day.


Communication is the simplest way you can boost employee morale in the office. Seeing how they are feeling and asking for regular feedback promotes a healthy culture that makes employees feel valued at work. Fully embracing such an effective method will bring a tremendous benefit to the organisation, improving decision making, response timing and relationships amongst peers.

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