How to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Business

July 05, 2020

Many businesses often spend a lot of money trying to acquire their customers, but not as much time trying to retain them. Strengthening the connection between customers and the business can not be overlooked as returning customers tend to be the lifeblood of a business. Loyal customers are the ones that provide regular income and tell others about you. It is easy to put a sign in the window that offers a discount, but how are you supposed to win them over to come back? Creating an experience for them and protecting the investment you made is vital for the success of repeat business. Here are 5 ways to keep your customers coming back for more.

  1. Creating a Fresh Environment

Give your customers a reason to come back to shop with you by creating an environment they feel comfortable in. Having cleaning professionals to bring your facilities to a pristine standard, including having a modern setting can create a welcoming ambiance for them. The association with your store and how it makes the customer feel matters and will impact the level of their return. Hone in on your promotions and articulate to customers any changes and reasons to return.

  1. Focus on Customer Facing

Person-to-person contact is a struggle for most businesses as it usually requires the right type of person that wants to create a great experience for customers. Looking at how you can improve this area of the business will be imperative for acquiring repeat sales. Simple acts such as listening and showing appreciation to the customer can make them feel valued. A business that can understand their customers’ problems and act to solve these with ease has a distinct advantage in any market.

  1. Communication

As mentioned, being able to listen to customers is key for repeat business, including being able to communicate with them in a professional friendly way. Having a team that is qualified, sociable, and pleasant can help you build rapport with customers and a connection with the business. Paying attention throughout their journey and asking for feedback will make customers feel knowledge, allowing you to improve their experience next time around.

  1. Customise Loyalty Programs

Not everyone has the same incentives. A one-size-fits-all loyalty program may not be as effective as you intend it to be. Identifying what individual customers want and determining what motivates them will enable you to personalise each customer’s experience. The use of analytics can help you achieve this, but other ways include exceptional customer support and recording your transactions.

  1. Staying in Touch

Once the customer leaves how do you continue building a relationship with them? Instead of focusing on the sale itself, try to develop ways of establishing a connection with the customer. Ways in which your business can do this include, social media, emails, newsletters, and text. However, do not bombard your customer with all these channels as they will feel overwhelmed and may never return. Instead, try to draw a line and only reach out to communicate meaningful messages at the right moment.

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