How to Set Up a New Professional Looking Florida Office Space


Have you recently secured new office space in Florida? Do you need to get it prepared so employees can move in as quickly as possible and downtime is kept to a minimum? Setting up a new office space is always a big venture as there is so much to be mindful of, but the top of the list should be making sure the design is professional. Even if you don’t have clients and customers visiting the space, creating a professional office space is something that employees will appreciate and respond positively to.

Here’s a look at some tips you can use when setting up a new and professional-looking office space in Florida.

Office Furniture Grounds the Space

It can be difficult to walk into an empty office space and visualize the completed look. This makes it very hard to also know where to begin. One tip is to start with the office furniture, as it will ground the space and help define the various zones and workspaces. But rather than choose standard pieces, why not open your mind to possibilities and pick furniture that is functional and stylish?

Take a look at what companies such as Common Sense Office Furniture, which sells office furniture Florida, are doing. There is a shift from basic pieces to those that make a statement and yet still allow employees to be comfortable, productive, and organized. Investing in stylish pieces will create a professional vibe in the office.

Ample Storage Needs to Be a Priority

And speaking of staying organized, ample storage is the cornerstone of any professional-looking office space. Employees need a way to store and organize documents, office supplies, and everything else. If you want to encourage them to have tidy workspaces, give them enough room to keep the clutter off their desk.

Storage space is another category you can step outside the box as today there are so many effective and unique options out there. While there is nothing wrong with a standard file cabinet, it’s not the only option. You can also mix and match pieces and solutions for a more customized look.

Give Employees a Sense of Privacy

Depending on the configuration of the office space you have secured, this may be more difficult to do. Ideally, you want to give employees some sense of privacy as this can help them to be more productive. If you regularly meet with clients/customers, you at least need a board or meeting room that is private, complete with a door.

What About the Color Palette?

Did you know that the color palette you choose will also help make the space feel professional? And it can’t just stop at the paint color, allow that palette to carry over into such things as flooring, wall art, décor, window coverings, and so forth. You want the space to feel pulled together and cohesive.

In terms of the best color palettes for office spaces, think of welcoming, bright, happy, and cheerful colors such as teal, blue, green, yellow, and purple.

Setting a Professional Tone in the New Space

Each of these tips will help you set a professional tone in the new office space which you, your employees, and your clients will appreciate.