How to Succeed in Your Job Search

March 09, 2020



It can be terrifying to start the job search again. It is typically a very lengthy, challenging process that can be emotionally and physically draining. The worst part is that since the process is such a hassle, your own expectations drop and you may settle for something less. Instead of applying to your dream job, you apply to everything, and instead of holding out for something that you truly want to do, you instead take the first thing that comes your way.

Rather than settling, it is time to take a leap. It might not be in your home town. It might not be in a traditional career. You need to look deep inside yourself first so that you know the type of work you are looking for – and be sure to go for it.

Be Honest About the Type of Work You Want to Do

There is the work that you want to do, and the work that you think you should do because it is the most obvious. If what you really want is to work and travel in your field, then finding a steady job isn’t going to cut it. Thanks to increased options, there are so many different possibilities out there as well for those in every industry.

Medical professionals, for example, can even increase their medical jobs search to different places around the country. Instead of just bedding down, you can find new positions in different cities. While it may make you nervous, moving can help you develop professionally but also personally.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Your Home

Moving is terrifying to some people, but if you want that dream job, you need to be willing to look outside of your comfort zone. If you prioritize the lifestyle you may even want to focus on the type of city or town you look for jobs in as well.

In the past of course this meant that your job hunt could encompass the entirety of the EU. If you have an Irish passport or are also an EU citizen this scope will still apply, but after Brexit you will want to focus your efforts on UK-based opportunities for the best results and least amount of stress.

Put A Lot of Effort Into a Few Job Applications

This is of course a lot more comfortable to do if you have work already and are simply looking to move on. If this is your situation try to be patient, no matter how much you wish to move on from your current employer or how eager you are to move to a new city. Rushing means settling for less. It also means you often get lax in your application efforts. Never do this. You want to put your all into every application which often means waiting for job listings you actually want.

Succeeding in your job search means three things. One, that you know what you want to get out of your new job and therefore search better for new opportunities. Two, that you open yourself up to the possibility of moving to where your dream job or dream lifestyle is. Finally put your all into the application, from that cover letter right down to the interview.

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