Nlp and Medicine


by Ashok Agarwal

There is vast / unlimited scope for research in NLP / NEURO. It is a giant unexplored zone carrying limitless mysteries. All inventions and discoveries take birth somewhere in brain. Its range of thinking and extent of flight knows no limits. The richness of life is directly linked with the quality of thoughts emerging in the brain / mind. The consciousness has many layers. The conscious, sub-conscious, under-conscious and over-conscious etc. are the layers.Some of our thoughts are stored in the deep memory and require deep mining when needed. The USA under the leadership of Barak Obama has recognized the importance and hidden potential in making deep and wide studies and researches in the field of brain / mind. In the future many riddles and puzzles of life may be further uncovered and unfolded. The medicine branches have deep connections with the NLP , and these branches are particularly eugenics, science of anti-aging and genetics etc. Many of the secrets pertaining to ageing may be made known in the coming days . As there are the number of organs , so are the AGING CLOCKS. Such as biological clock pertaining to body, mental clock pertaining to mind / brain / neuro. There are genes, DNA, cells, tissues in the body , which need to be in the healthy condition to prolong aging process and arrest fast aging. We need to understand as to what relationship is there between NEURO & AGING. Many of the secrets may get highlighted in the future.

Better the NEURO health , the better conditioning and programming of the L & P in NLP is possible. In NLP the alphabet N stands for NEURO , the alphabet L stands for Linguistic and the alphabet P stands for programming. The quality of two alphabets L & P will depend on the quality of alphabet N phenomenon. In NLP first alphabet is most important. As everything follows from alphabet N which means NEURO. NEURO IS THE CONTROL ROOM.

There are research publications on NLP such as ACUITY, RAPPORT Magazines and other research journal. NLP has wide applications in business, education, leadership, management, sports and health etc. It is touching almost all areas of life and impacting the same widely and deeply. NLP has close links with Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis and other Neuro-sciences. NLP has lead to various breakthroughs in life in the past and present and in future we have lot of hopes which may get highlighted in future studies and researches. There is need for attaining NLP training excellence. We need to achieve newer and higher milestones, benchmarks and landmarks in NLP.

Our mind is like a computer, hence programmable. NLP is the software and you are the programmer. NLP has immense potential to make a huge and positive impact on all areas of society and life. It can play a crucial and critical role in making the life more healthier, happier, fruitful, rich and better. NLP has the potential to bring a sea change in our life. There is need for more of literature and journalism in the field of NLP. And that is possible when more of such courses, workshops and seminars are conducted across the globe and recorded and documented.

Ashok Aggarwal, DELHI
DATED 22.09.2015