The Real and Great Leader to Be A Man of Multi Skills


by Ashok Agarwal

The real leader must be a good initiator, negotiator, arbitrator, counselor, consultant, collaborator, presenter, communicator, listener, motivator, fast & right decision-maker, adequate required risk-taker and overall a tolerant good speaker and good human being. To become really a good human being is the most difficult. He must be a man of skills par excellence. Leader is not only to bring a change in the life, but transform it. He is a real action hero. He is an examplary leader and displays his skills. He believes in delegation, democratization and decentralization . He believes in democratic values. He is a man of liberal and consensual approach.

A great leader believes in walking the strong burning passion to reach the vision of the mission. He loves his fellow-beings very much and has a compassionate approach. MULTI-SKILLED MAN CAN PERFORM MULTI-TASKS. The leader updates himself every second. He polishes, hones and sharpens his skills , knowledge and wisdom around him and in the world on an ongoing basis. Servant leadership is the best one and he keeps his followers on the front and has full trust in their capabilities. He is a man of iron will unmoved by setbacks and shocks. He is cool, calm and still within. He is proficient in all the skills and full command over the state of affairs. He has faith in human dignity and respects low and high at par. He has a humane approach and trusts ethical values. His ultimate goal is to achieve eminence, expertize and excellence in his mission. He has managerial, organizational, marketing, administrative, inventive, innovative and intuitive skills. The real leader defines the reality in the beginning and in the last conveys thanks to his team members / followers and in between he is servant. This is called as servant leadership. You can give to the world by staying as servant only. No one is master except one who is moving this world. You can rule the hearts and minds of the masses by becoming servant.

Humility and humbleness are weapons of strong as non-violence is the weapon of strong. The person who is having the will power and soul power is strong and not who has muscle power. By violence one can never win hearts. The masses are the masters. You can only rule others when you live for them. The great leaders have the life skills. They live life on their own terms and not on borrowed terms. The true leader gives a new direction to the life of its followers. He sees the seeds of a future leader in each and every member of his team and blossoming of all is ensured to the fullest extent by demonstration skills and examples of bravery. Hidden talent in all is revealed and brought to the FIELD OF ACTION. A great , true and real leader must have certain qualities such as efficiency, effectiveness, decisiveness, risk-taking, taking others along with him, clarity of vision , goals , a strong passion for the mission etc. He must have a visionary and missionary zeal, enthusiasm, confidence and positivism. In nutshell, he must prove himself as a transnational leader .He must be a practical leader , the one who walks and makes prudent and smart choices , not necessarily hard. Sometimes, he needs to perform many tasks (MULTI-TASKING) at a time and that is why multi-skills are required. Only skilled leader can make others skilled. A motivator can motivate others. A self-loving person can love others. An action hero can make others so.

A well-groomed leader can groom others well. Consent and consensus is need of the present times. The leader must be liberal and democratic and everybody must be given a chance to come forward and air his opinion. Taking timely right decision is a great trait and quality of a leader. A great leader has charismatic qualities within . His character and personality has magnetic attraction . He has aura and glow on his face. Today organizations if want to progress,they need LEADERS (thought and innovative ) and NOT MANAGERS. Leaders bring change whereas managers manage within the guidelines . Leaders have vast area to operate for innovation,exposure, experience and experiments. Leadership skills development is required daily and is an ongoing schedule on the leadership menu card / chart. Leadership practices need to be looked into. The old to be get rid of and new to be evolved for the better of the organization, staff and management.

The great leaders born in the world were the hero of mankind and were the heritage of humanity. As such leaders were beyond borders / boundaries and zones. They were cosmopolitan leaders . As we talk of global gurus so we talk of global leaders. SOLUTION TO ALL THE WORLD PROBLEMS LIES IN WALK NOT TALK and in COMPASSION AND NOT ANIMOSITY. IN THIS WAY WE ALL CAN MARCH TOWARDS ENLIGHTENED ROUTE FROM THE ZONE OF DARKNESS & DESTRUCTION.

Ashok Aggarwal, DELHI
DATED 21.09.2015