Practical Ways Companies Boost Efficiency


How are some of today’s business leaders ramping up efficiency even as the national economy remains stagnant? There are multiple approaches, some of which focus on indirect strategies and tactics that can take years to deliver results. But for owners who want to aim for practicality and short-term payoffs, there are other approaches. Companies that emphasize better security can experience lower rates of theft and vandalism.

In the transport sector, fleet managers are discovering that special camera systems can make a major difference in the bottom line. Across all disciplines and fields, owners are fine-tuning their marketing efforts to bring new customers on board in the least costly ways possible. Managers who offer in-house training programs and subsidized educational opportunities reap the benefits of a more skilled workforce. All the techniques listed below are among the most favored ways of increasing efficiency in the workplace.

Enhanced Security

With the price of security components lower than ever, entrepreneurs and owners are choosing to install surveillance cameras, motion sensitive alarms, facial recognition devices, fingerprint readers, and dozens of other components that can nearly eliminate theft, unauthorized access, and vandalism. When management boosts security in a workspace, they usually do so for two reasons: To protect people and property, security companies work diligently. Both those goals contribute to an efficient environment and one where people feel comfortable doing their jobs.

Camera Tech for Transport Fleets

Fleet managers know the immense value of practical solutions. They work in a fast-paced, high-pressure universe that places a premium on getting things done quickly, safely, and correctly. NVRs (network video recorders) are one of the preferred tools in the transport industry. Why? Because they give fleet supervisors a real-time view into operations and result in a higher level of efficiency, better security, and enhanced workplace safety.

Managers of transport fleets should get the ball rolling by reviewing an in-depth guide that explains in plain language how to shop for NVRs. The camera systems come with plenty of features, so it’s important for buyers to understand how to evaluate components like sophisticated VMS (video management system) capabilities, IP cameras on the higher end of the spectrum, remote footage access, cloud storage capacity, and more.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Sometimes, spending less and getting more is a direct route to highly efficient business operations. That’s often the case with promotion and advertising efforts, where careful targeting and precise placement of ads can bring more sales revenue and a lower overall expense. Management teams need to study their customer base and be willing to experiment with several kinds of targeting.

Retailers can achieve significant savings by limiting ad buys to channels where their customers spend the most time. For some companies, those places might include niche interest chat rooms and game platforms. For others, it’s academic journals, educational websites, and news outlets.

In-House Training & Education

The long-term dividends from in-house educational programs can be significant. Company sponsored courses, seminars, webinars, boot camps, and formal training sessions are all part of the mix. Large corporations offer employees tuition subsidies, free CEU (continuing education units) classes, tutoring, and other educational opportunities. The result is a more talented team, dedicated workers, and a loyal group of employees.