8 Ways AI can Improve Your Marketing Strategy


Did you know that even after so many years of inception, artificial intelligence is now the latest buzzword in the marketing arena?

Just because it simplifies life–right?

With companies managing every touch point, artificial intelligence is proofing as a game-changer for creating marketing strategies that deliver results.

8 Ways AI can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

More and more businesses are adopting AI to bring a revolutionary change in their marketing arena.

Today, AI assists marketers in multiplying the number of campaigns they develop and defining which campaign might deliver the intended result. Businesses using AI’s power have more chances to stay ahead of the competition.

In this article, we discuss various ways of using AI to enhance and improve your marketing strategy.

8 Ways AI can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Here are eight ways AI can improve your marketing efforts:

1.  Conduct sentiment analysis

Emotions are essential not only in personal life but also in the business sphere. For businesses that use social media platforms like Twitter, conducting a sentiment analysis is essential because it helps you understand how your audience feels about your products or service.

It provides you with the context to evaluate your marketing and communication strategy.

When customers voice their concerns, they might post negative comments that can cost your business a lot of money.

To know how businesses perceive your brand online, analyze sentiment analysis for Twitter and other social media platforms. Sentiment analysis works by translating language customer use into machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to automatically know the key insights.

Examining the sentiment around your brand can help you in different areas of marketing. The more sentiment analysis you conduct, the more accurate and actionable insights you can draw.

Interesting statistics: According to research, 77% of readers always or regularly read online reviews when browsing for local businesses. This makes sentiment analysis a must-have in your marketing strategy.

1.  Help in predictive analysis

Another marketing area where AI is a handy tool is predictive analysis. This analysis uses statistical algorithms, past data, and machine learning to determine the probability of a future event occurring.

Using predictive analysis, AI can increase your chances of converting a potential prospect into a long-term paying customer. For instance, predictive analysis can suggest a change in marketing strategy and guide you in making critical marketing and business-related decisions.

By leveraging old data, AI can create an optimized marketing campaign and drive better business decisions.

Today, in the competitive world, staying ahead of customers’ trends is probably the best way to remain competitive. Companies widely use predictive AI to understand consumer behavior and trends and predict customer behavior shifts.

Interesting statistics: According to research, the use of AI marketing shows year-on-year growth of 186%.

1.  Personalize the customer experience

One essential goal for marketers is providing a personalized customer experience, but it might be challenging to achieve this with little or no data. This is because different customers act in different ways at different times.

That’s what everything is likely to change with AI marketing.

When you employ AI marketing, you no longer manually sift through data to understand your customer’s expectations. You feed the data, and your AI algorithm takes care of the rest.

From the analysis, you can understand and decode the previous interactions of your customers to understand how they’re likely to behave at the present moment.

Interestingly, because of AI recommendations, your customers see customized product suggestions every time they visit a website or browse the internet.

AI targets each user and provides relevant product suggestions based on browsing history and behavioral data.

Interesting statistics: 45% of retailers use or plan to use AI to improve multi-channel customer engagement and make it a part of their marketing mix.

2.  Create compelling marketing content

With the use of AI in marketing, it has become easier for marketers to determine the needs and requirements of their customers.

By integrating AI in your marketing strategy, you can discover which content is likely to deliver value to your customers.

It enables you to produce a content marketing strategy that produces the desired result. AI-powered tools and technologies can help you perform your work more quickly and efficiently.

What’s more interesting is that it helps you understand the content type that works best for your target audience.

Interesting statistics: AI can even help content creators track and manage the calendar to ensure customers receive compelling content on time.

1.  Discover a platform to use for marketing strategy

AI makes it easier for marketers to determine the social media platform to choose for displaying ads and sharing content. Choosing the right platform is imperative because it helps you reach your target audience.

For some businesses, Twitter might be an ideal platform, but for others, Facebook and Instagram might deliver the intended result.

AI tools help you choose the best platform that is likely to maximize your ROI.

Besides helping make a choice, AI can assist you in determining the right time to post on these platforms to ensure higher customer engagement. Using previous data, AI determines the type of content that resonates with your target audience and makes suggestions based on it.

Pro-tip: AI in marketing can help create similar posts to engage and build trust with your target audience.

2.  Reduce customer churn rate

According to Harvard Business Review, acquiring a customer is five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

So, most businesses focus on retaining customers over acquiring new ones. But, with customers switching to other brands with the slightest disapproval or dissatisfaction with a brand, retaining customers can be challenging.

That’s where AI comes in. AI reduces the churn rate by helping companies identify the gray areas where customer relationship goes downhill and know the instances where customer experience breaks down.

When you know these two aspects, you can create personalized content or offers to whoa your customers back to your brand.

What makes AI even more appealing is that it can forecast the churn before it happens, giving you time to prepare and develop strategies to retain your existing customers.

Pro-tip: Try to use AI at every step of your customer journey to ensure you know when your customers are about to leave and create strategies to prevent them from going.

1.  Use deep learning for object recognition

Another AI technology helping companies is deep learning which enables a computer to learn and recognize various patterns in text, voice, image, and other data to extract valuable information.

In marketing, deep learning is useful in content generation, speech recognition, chatbots, and bidding on ads.

Interestingly, one of the most promising applications of deep learning in marketing is helping and enabling hyper-personalization.

Today, digital customers prefer personalization.

Pro-tip: As AI is becoming increasingly complex and powerful, it’s slowly becoming more accessible and offers numerous benefits to your marketing team.

2.  Use chatbots to increase customer experience

Chatbots are not a mainstay for the tech and IT industry alone. They are slowly impacting the marketing field. Today, chatbots use AI to increase customer experience.

Unlike customer service agents who are available for fixed working hours, chatbots are available 24/7. With the help of chatbots, you provide customers with an intuitive, responsive, and dynamic conversation that helps in addressing the needs of your customers.

Interestingly, Shell, a multinational oil and gas company, introduced a new chatbot called ‘Shelly’ that helped customers identify the enhancements that are likely to be effective for their vehicle.

Chatbots can promote one-to-one conversation and customer engagement and help reduce the company’s operational costs.

Pro-tip: Using chatbots can help you connect with your prospects 24/7 and ensure you never miss out on a prospect because of the non-availability of the customer service department.

Key takeaway

When creating a digital marketing strategy, AI tools help provide valuable insights, making it a worthwhile investment.

Undoubtedly, AI tools and techniques help marketers reach customers in a personalized manner. As AI is the future of technology, businesses that implement AI are likely to reach the target customers and see an increase in their marketing ROI.

In the coming year, for businesses that want to reach the sky and create an immersive experience for customers, having AI-powered marketing tools and techniques is a must. Otherwise, you might fall prey to digital Darwinism, where customers prefer businesses that use AI.

From AI sales to bots to customer service, the AI revolution is likely to have a lasting impact on business success and growth.

Are you onboard in the AI revolution?

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