The Best Ways to Make Cost-Effective Decisions for Your Company

February 03, 2020



Saving your business money should always be a priority for your budget. Avoiding significant cuts further down the line is the best way to strike a pleasant equilibrium for employees. It keeps a sense of stability and helps you to make important investments when you need them, rather than having to constantly delay to save more cash for your business.

Refurbished tech

Many of us are aware that iPhones, tablets, and other pieces of commonly used tech are mass-produced and are part of quite a wasteful industry. Therefore, many of us wonder if it’s possible to buy a slightly older model that’s as good as new, or has been refurbished. Happily, it is possible to find refurbished products for businesses too. Refurbished Xerox printers, for example, can be found from specialist suppliers, providing a much more eco-conscious and financially savvy solution for your business.

Make green choices

Sometimes the best way to be more money-conscious is to be green. Looking after the planet is one of the most effective ways to save money and avoid being wasteful. Making double-sided printing mandatory, creating a culture of email and electronic memos and canceling the purchase of disposable cutlery will instantly save you money.

Making green choices for your company may require a culture shift: if employees are used to the convenience of disposable cups and being able to print off documents whenever they like, you may experience some push-back.

For items that aren’t the most environmentally-friendly (paper, maybe even disposable water cups for a water cooler), it is advised that you buy these in bulk. While you should still create a culture of mindfulness around disposable items and recyclable materials, bulk-buying at least allows you to save money on the initial cost.

Review subscriptions and plans

Utilities and subscription services are two of the most predictable expenditures that your company will have. However, after the fixed-rate period is up, your business will start to spend over the odds for using those services. Therefore, it is in your business’s interest to put these up for review immediately. Every year you should break down the subscription services you use and analyze whether a better provider can be found elsewhere, and for a much better price.

Streamline your time usage

One of the biggest wastes of time and money is unnecessary meetings. The ongoing joke of ‘this meeting could have been sent in an email’ is a very real annoyance for many bosses and employees alike. Time is equal to money for your company, and so you don’t want to waste it on useless meetings or group get-togethers that erode away at time spent working.

Making cost-effective decisions for your company is usually about cutting down on waste when you can avoid it. Using refurbished tech, opting for green alternatives and making the most of time all aim to cut down on waste in some way or another. Therefore, your cost-cutting goals could not only save your business some money, but also make you far more productive in the long-run.

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