The Efficient Brand Manager: How to Speed Products to Shelf and Deliver Effective Branded Messages


Brand managers hold a huge amount of responsibility. When you’re a brand manager, you’re responsible for not only developing a brand, but also maintaining it and helping it to evolve with market trends. Brand managers are responsible for working between different teams to create an all-encompassing and fully incorporated message that rings true with consumers. Knowing how to do these different things is vital to any successful and effective brand management position.


Speeding Up the Process

Speeding up a product launch process can be integral to establishing yourself within a competitive market. The sooner your product launches, the more likely it is to perform well, especially if others are releasing similar products. If you need to speed up a product launch, the following steps are important to follow:

  1. It’s absolutely essential to have a good plan. First, you’ll need to know if the product you plan to launch will suit your market and be accepted by your users. Then you’ll need to nail down a time frame. Whether your goal is a holiday launch or a seasonal launch, you need to know how much time you’ll have to develop and produce the product.
  2. Integrate agile methodology. Agile methodology product development is the idea of splitting up product development into a few different phases that allow for collaborating at every stage and leaving plenty of room for improvement along the way.
  3. Conduct regular testing. Assuming a product will operate as intended without testing is a big mistake. Regular product testing throughout development phases ensures that you’re ready to release the product on time.
  4. Allow for error and expect the unexpected. By leaving a little wiggle room, you can reduce the anxiety that might create further errors in development.


Branded Messages

After your product is finished and ready to launch, you’ll need to deliver branded messages that align with your company’s mission and successfully position the product into the market. There are a few different ways to do this.

First, know what the brand is. Knowing the core tenants of your brand inside and out will help to know the correct messaging to include.

Next, you’re going to want to market your new product in a way that adds value to your brand. Effective marketing strategies always consider the brand’s message, as well as promoting the product.

Finally, it’s important to listen to feedback from both your team and your community. If you launch a new product but the marketing doesn’t align with your brand, your consumers will notice. The reason that your audience is loyal to your brand often has to do with your messaging. Remaining consistent and true to that message is vital to the success of your brand.


Professional Help for Brand Management

An effective brand manager encompasses a great many roles within a company. Not only do they manage the brand’s image, but they also manage the messaging of the company and help it develop and evolve over time. Through effective brand management, product launches can be smooth, and messaging can remain consistent and successful. If you need more information about product development, do not hesitate to contact RIVIR.