The Importance of Regular Electrical Inspections


Whether you own a home, industrial facility, or commercial building, you rely on the electrical system to power everything. From lights to HVAC units to computers, electricity keeps people connected and comfortable. But like most things, even the best electrical systems wear out over time.

Electrical systems require expert care to operate smoothly and safely. All it takes is faulty wiring, worn-out outlets, or an overloaded circuit to put an entire system offline. In the worst-case scenarios, an electrical fire can cause a business or homeowner to lose everything. Keep reading to learn five reasons to schedule thermographic inspections or other electrical safety inspections.

  1. Save Money

Electrical repairs can get pricey. On average, homeowners can expect to shell out $4 to $9 per square foot to wire a new home. Rewiring can reach $5 to $17 per square foot. Commercial building owners should expect to pay up to 30 percent more. That’s why it’s crucial to take care of the current system.

When a problem arises, a total rewire isn’t always necessary, thank goodness! Electricians can often repair or replace frayed wires or loose connections for a fraction of the price. Regular electrical inspections are the best way to catch a wiring issue before it becomes an expensive renovation project.

  1. Prevent Fires

Electrical fires are on the rise. In 2021, the U.S. Fire Administration reported an estimated 24,200 electrical fires, 295 deaths, 900 injuries, and over $1.2 billion in losses. Annual inspections could have prevented many of these fires.

During an electrical inspection, an highly trained electrician looks for all safety concerns. Old wiring, defective plugs, outdated breaker boxes, and improperly used extension cords are just a few of the fire hazards that might pop up during an inspection. Promptly addressing these issues will reduce the risk of an electrical fire and possibly save lives.

  1. Reduce Energy Usage

Did you know that old wiring can actually increase energy bills? As an electrical system ages, it must draw a stronger current to operate. In turn, home and business owners can expect a higher energy bill each month.

During an inspection, an electrician will make sure the system is efficient. They will look at all connections, wires, and other devices to ensure the electrical system isn’t drawing too much energy. Making any repairs now will help reduce energy usage and lower utility bills!

  1. Avoid Electrical Malfunctions

Flickering lights, warm outlets, tripped breakers, and power surges are common electrical malfunctions. Unfortunately, many people initially ignore these warning signs, especially if they only happen intermittently, but this is never a wise move. The longer you put off repairing these issues, the more likely the electrical system will fail.

Like most cars and appliances, building electrical systems wear out slowly. Minor malfunctions may start appearing over an extended period. Instead of putting repairs on the back burner, it’s best to schedule an electrical inspection to find out if the issue requires immediate repair or is something that can wait.

  1. Stay in Compliance

Local municipalities have strict electrical regulations. These rules change over time, and an electrical system that was up-to-date a decade ago may no longer meet the minimum requirements. Property owners need to schedule regular electrical inspections to abide by these regulations. An electrician will ensure the entire system is up to code, helping you avoid costly fines.

Inspect Today, Protect Tomorrow

Scheduling annual electrical inspections is the best way to avoid system problems down the road. Not only are old, damaged systems costly to repair, but they also become dangerous fire hazards. Getting a clean bill of electrical health from a qualified electrician will protect your property and give you peace of mind