Time Management Software Guides Trucking Industry Into Digital Age

March 08, 2020



For many years it seemed that the trucking industry was one that remained largely unaffected by the digital age. In fact, it’s only been in relatively recent years that up to ninety percent of truckers have now admitted to having a smartphone with them in their cabin.

Now the opposite seems to be happening. There are more and more dedicated smartphone apps being developed for the trucking industry. These are not only are driving up efficiency, but are now making companies more profitable. These apps are also helping businesses gain new insight which can help broaden and develop the trucking industry as a whole.

As we turn the corner into the 2020s, it seems that the digital era has finally been accepted by an industry that, for a long time, was seen as stuck in the past.

Growth of Digital Trends in Trucking

Some of the biggest tech companies are now investing and getting involved in building trucking and time management related apps for the industry, after it was revealed that in 2018 the global transport management industry was valued at well over $61 billion.

There is expected to be more significant growth over the next five years too, with an increase of sixteen percent.

There are apps available which offer everything a trucking business owner could require for the effortless running of a business day-to-day, and these include time management systems, invoicing and dispatching of goods, as well as trip planning and connecting drivers to each other through the use of interactive maps as well as GPS that operates offline and warns about restrictions for commercial vehicles, too.

Fleet and Freight Apps For Time Management

Field managers and site supervisors also need smart digital ways to monitor their fleet’s location and what they’re doing at any one time. This can be critically important when trying to monitor how long it will take for shipments to reach their destination, and to keep customers informed of the whereabouts of their goods at all times.

Time management systems offer valuable insight into making trucking businesses more cost effective as they can monitor compliance and safety, fuel consumption and mileage, how productive a driver is and even monitor which trucks on the fleet require careful maintenance and when. This can help avoid costly repairs by keeping on top of vehicle management. It can also give useful pointers as to when a truck has come to the end of its life and whether there is a need to look for used trucks for sale to keep a company’s fleet buoyant and on the road.

The trucking industry is no longer an industry seen as behind the times when it comes to technology and innovation. New technology and digital advances are being embraced head on in the quest to improve both driver and customer experiences. It’s been a long time coming, but now the truckers have arrived on the digital scene the only question is, which road will they take next on the highway to tech freedom?

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