Tips and Tricks on How to Become an Effective Leader

November 11, 2019

You might have heard this phrase several times: you can be either a leader or a follower. And almost everyone dreams and covets to be the former. But not everyone has what it takes to be a leader. Even though you very well reflect the qualities of being a potential leader, it requires a lot of hard work and an agile attitude to be one. Firstly, you need to have the ability to guide people, which is the core of being a leader. There are a lot of other aspects involved, some of which are practicality, values, vision, and communication. Whether you are the head of a small business you run or the prime minister of a country, the notions of a leader stand the same.

To be an effective leader, you need to work your way towards it, and here are some tips and tricks which you could follow in order to succeed.

Be humble

Being humble all the time can not only make people respect you, but also look at you as a role model. Staying grounded makes people trust you more, and hence, they listen to you and follow. Being egotistical makes you look like your only purpose is bossing people around rather than guiding them and showing them how to become the best versions of themselves. A boss will always need validation and praise for his achievements, whereas a leader gets motivated when inspiring others and helping them become better.

Practice consistency

Consistency is the key. You need to keep on trying and trying until you succeed. Being consistent can lead you to excellence, ultimately leading your team to achievement. Such s quality leads to greatness and building a great team, which never gives up and gets the best results always.

Practice what you preach

If you believe in and follow what you think, people will respect you more. Blurting out glorifying mottos and not abiding by them does not represent a leader, but a boasting head. If you want your team to do the best, you need to be a role model. You need to do what you expect your team to do.

Keep on learning

Learning continuously helps you and your team to grow. You need to be curious and ask questions as much as you can. This can lead to potentially successful ideas or help you build problem-solving tactics, which could be amplified further. There is so much to the world that no knowledge is enough. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Stay true to your beliefs

Most of the time, a potential leader may leave his beliefs behind if he sees benefits ahead. A great leader will never rule out his beliefs and will stay committed to his morals. One of the finest examples is Jeff Bezos’s leadership style, wherein he proves it to the world today that sticking to your beliefs and strategies smartly can help you achieve what you want. He has turned out to be a role model for millions and inspired people to follow his lead.

Effective communication

Communicating clearly will help your team understand what you are aiming for and what your expectations are. If you are not effective at communication, chances are that you can deliver the wrong message, or your team would interpret it in a different way, leading to misunderstandings and delays in achieving the results. So, effective communication is a must to be a leader. Communication is a two-way streak, and it means that you need to listen to your team as well. Listening to your team’s problems and suggestions and acknowledging them helps in gaining their trust. It shows them your willingness to solve issues and go beyond the border to achieve what you expect. It builds a stronger team, which ultimately stays positive and increases productivity. Other aspects of effective communication are providing constructive criticism, making eye contact, talking with confidence, and talking straight to the point. All these combined will encourage the team members to talk to you and expect a positive response.

Make decisions quickly

Being a good leader means being on your toes all the time. Making decisions should not be difficult for you. At times, you will face a situation wherein you are going to have numerous potential solutions in front of you, and knowing what to do at the time and having the vision of making the right choice is a supreme leadership quality. Even if you do not make the right decision, you can learn from the wrong ones, which will only broaden your vision. But for that, do not be indecisive. Not only do you need to make faster choices, but you also need to guide your team members and colleagues in making them.

Build your network

Making contacts and building your network is absolutely necessary when you have decided to lead a clan. It will make your business or project more widespread, and you might also get your hands on any useful resource. Building networks can also result in meeting new people and gaining mutual contacts. It will give you a chance to grow, and you never know, any person can be of help to you at any point.

Stay positive

Keeping a positive attitude attracts people towards you as well as helping in problem-solving in ways you wouldn’t imagine. It also aids in keeping you and people around you calm, which results in quicker thinking and leads to potential problem-solving. Optimism and positivity also keep the environment of a workplace happy. This will help develop more trust and a stronger relationship between you and your employees, which is ideal for a workplace. It will make you look more confident as well.

Setting goals, exploring new ideas, constantly motivating the people around you, being flexible, and showing respect will not only make you a good leader but also a great person. If your followers see you as a good person, they will be more open to the idea of you being their leader. Moreover, a lot of hard work and patience will go a long way.

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