Tips For Finding The Best Expired Domains

January 28, 2020



Tips For Finding The Best Expired Domains

Using an expired domain can provide a lot of advantages when you’re looking to set up a website. It may have already generated a consistent flow of traffic and reduced the amount of groundwork you will have to contribute. However, finding an expired domain isn’t always as easy as “1,2,3,” and there are a few methods of landing yourself that perfect website.

Manual Look For Expired URLs

You can also crawl the internet looking for expired domains, although this is a lot more time intensive. Look for domain links on high authority websites can be time consuming, but you’ll also know that if they’re expired that they generated authority. I wouldn’t suggest doing this unless you’ve happened upon a good expired domain by chance, or you’ve been given a tip from someone. It’s not the most optimal methods available, but it’s a method.

Use A Service Tool

Alternatively, you can use a service tool to check and see if there are domains within the niche you desire available. Generally, you want to find a service that offers the ability to check for backlinks and measure the overall authority of the domain you’re interested in purchasing. Professionals from provide tools that let you measure the SEO (search engine optimization) of the domain you’re interested. It’s also important to have a service that allows you to set a bar for what level of authority that you anticipate from a target domain. The more authority a website has generated the easier it will be for you to work from there on building traffic.

Authority Links

If you’re looking for an optimal expired domain, you’re going to want it to have as many authority links as possible. Authority links essentially build up the trusted expertise of the information on your website. If the expired domain you’re looking at has a history of using links from websites with good authority it will increase the authority of your website. The advantage of using an expired domain is that you don’t need to invest the time in establishing this authority. Look for a domain that has this history, and you’ll reduce the amount of effort that you will need to invest.

Simple URL

As cool as a domain name might sound, you want it to be easily found through search engines. Compare the keywords in your URL to commonly searched words and the amount of searches they might generate over a month. Anything with a high level of complexity will reduce traffic, but this is also dependant on how much authority it may have generated. Weigh the pro’s and con’s of complex URLs given the situation, and if it’s worth it to you.

Keyword Searches

If you’re looking for a domain within your niche that has expired, you can look at websites that appear with your keywords. If the website is currently ranking with those keywords you can visit it and you’ll be able to find out if it’s expired. This isn’t always a fruitful way of finding domains, but it will let you find domains that have recently become expired and still hold their search engine ranking. This is perfect for landing yourself in a niche without having to spend 6 months, generating content just to get a suitable ranking.

Research A Domain You’re Interested In

If you find that a website has a relatively high ranking among search engines, but doesn’t have recent opportunity this is perfect. You can find out when a domain is set to expire by using resources like If a website is set to expire shortly, and it doesn’t look like there is any recent activity, you might want to keep an eye on the domain and see if you’ll be able to pick it up in the coming months. Some hosting services allow you to contact the current owner and see if they’re willing to sell the domain for a price. If they haven’t been keeping up on postings they might let it go for a fair cost.

Manually attempting to find an expired domain among the literal myriads of web pages on the internet is certainly not the optimal solution. Utilizing a service that provides you backlink information is a more efficacious method of finding the best expired domains. Look for websites with a high amount of authority links, and one that doesn’t have a complex URL that’s difficult for visitors to input. You may also check up regularly on domains set to expire soon, or see if any of the keywords in your niche hit expired domains. With a little bit of elbow grease you can find an expired domain that limits the amount of effort you’ll need to place into building authority for your target demographic.

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