Top 4 Careers in Design and Technology

February 04, 2020

Design and technology is a hugely diverse industry that offers an excellent variety of rewarding careers. Advancements in technology mean that design careers are constantly evolving and professionals in the industry benefit from generous salary packages, fantastic career prospects, and long-term job security. To inspire you, here are the top four careers in design and technology to consider.

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers work with clients to design and develop visuals for a variety of media, including online advertisements, websites, and billboards. Often, graphic designers draw images by hand before converting them into digital designs. They can also use specialist design software to assist them during the creation process. Graphic designers must have a creative eye, good communication skills, and be able to use design technology effectively. To get into the field of graphic design, most individuals complete a bachelor’s degree and gain relevant design experience to build a portfolio of work. With the right level of experience, graphic designers can work on a freelance basis and enjoy the flexibility of choosing their work schedules.

2. Architect

An architect is a person who designs and plans the construction of different buildings. The role is extremely diverse, and an architect may get involved with various projects, including the construction of schools, hotels, houses, and office buildings. They are responsible for the physical design of the building and must also ensure that the structure is functional, economical, and meets the necessary legal requirements. To become an architect, you must complete an approved Architecture degree, followed by an architectural internship. You must then become licensed in whichever state you plan to practice in.

3. Web Developer

All companies now need a website to remain competitive in the modern business world. For that reason, demand for web developers has soared in recent years. More and more businesses are now requesting high-tech, fully optimized e-commerce stores that meet the growing demands of consumers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job opportunities in web development are expected to increase by 13 percent by 2028, which is far higher than the average across all other industries. The role of a web developer is to create a website that reflects a client’s specific requirements. To become qualified, a web developer must gain the necessary technical skills by completing various qualifications and courses. The entry requirements vary between jobs but usually involve gaining a bachelor’s degree or higher. Also see the web design firms San Francisco.

4. Game Designer

Video games have been extremely popular ever since they were first developed. Gaming technology has evolved significantly over the years, and many games now offer high-tech features like high-definition displays, facial and voice recognition, and virtual reality. Designers are in high demand, as gaming companies compete to develop and release the most advanced gaming experience. Game designers use coding and computer programming to design different aspects of games such as characters, animation, and puzzles. As a minimum, most game designers have a bachelor’s degree in a related field along with relevant work experience.

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