Top-Rated Business Credit Cards Without Annual Subscription Fees

January 24, 2020



Business credit cards have become essential to every business for a smooth running of its day-to-day activities. Even business startups are now relying on these cards to establish a strong financial foundation and business growth. Most credit card lenders charge an annual subscription fee, thus increasing the overall cost. Since businesses need to ensure that they minimize costs for a better profit margin, credit cards with no annual subscription fee are the best option. Without further ado, let us go through some of the top business credit card lenders who do not charge annual subscriptions yet offer the best lending terms:

Business Advantage Cash Rewards Master Card

As the name suggests, this credit card is about to open many opportunities for your venture to enjoy cash rewards and bonuses while paying no annual fee. It is known for having 3% cashback when spending on auto fuel, office amenities, traveling and leisure expenses, consultation services, and many others. This opportunity gives the entrepreneur a chance to choose any of the above purchase categories to earn the cashback. The first $50,000 spent on dining each year earns 2% cashback and all other expenses get 1%. These cash rewards have no expiry date and could also be redeemed as deposits into your bank savings account.

Capital One Spark Cash Select Business Card

Entrepreneurs have the freedom to choose their own monthly payment due date, thus giving their businesses full control on when to repay their credit card balances conveniently. With this card, you can also see transactions as soon as they are posted for easy tracking. Many businesses have taken advantage of this business credit card as they can set spending limits that boost their credit score. A cashback reward of 2% on each expenditure is guaranteed. Lastly, businesses with abroad travel expenses get to use it outside of the country with no additional foreign transaction costs.

Chase Ink Business Cash

Notably, there is no annual subscription fee that comes with this credit card for SMEs. With this credit card, the entrepreneur earns a $500 bonus on all stationery, office amenities, internet fees, and phone charges for up to $3,000 within the first 3 months. This is a big advantage, especially for start-up businesses. If this credit card is managed well, it can help your start-up business to establish and boost the credit score. You may also be wondering, does buying tradelines work to further improve your credit score? The answer is yes, and the best thing is that you can easily buy them from a reliable dealer.

American Express Business Cash

This creditor allows both small and big businesses to have this card. They pay no fee at the end of the year and enjoy a plethora of benefits. First, users score 2% cashback on qualified expenditures for up to $50,000 per annum. The business also gets some bonuses on many other uses. With this credit card in your business wallet, entrepreneurs have the power to expand the purchasing power by allowing them to spend above the credit limit. With this credit card, your business can grow fast or take care of any emergency expenditures.


Many credit cards with annual fees give a range of benefits to their users, but that does not mean they are any better than those without. You can save on this cost and still meet the needs of your business adequately with the above credit cards.

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