What Are Coworking Spaces?


Are you a business owner or freelancer but haven’t got an office yet? Or are you in a foreign city and looking for a place to hold a conference? Then coworking space in Chicago is the best option for you.

Coworking is a complex of office space that can be rented by anyone, which is in great demand among start-up entrepreneurs and freelancers. You can rent a table or room for a certain number of minutes, hours, days, or a month.

Coworking spaces can include conference rooms, lecture halls, lounges, cafes, meeting rooms, studios, separate rooms for private meetings, and other features. Also, some coworking spaces can provide lawyer, secretary, and courier services.


What are the benefits of coworking?

1) In the work atmosphere – unlike at home, is easier to focus on business, and here not so many distractions.

2) You can accept visitors of any rank. At home, this can be inconvenient.

3) Office equipment at your disposal. Here everything is at hand and included in the payment for services.

4) Availability of the Internet in the required volumes. Here you know that you will not have communication problems.

5) Networking – the acquisition of useful connections and contacts that can help in solving various issues. In the coworking center, you will be surrounded by those who, unlike visitors to other crowded places (cafes, parks, theaters), came here on business. You can make interesting acquaintances while working in a mixed office.

6)  Renting space in a coworking center is much cheaper than office space for rent for a long time.


Cons of coworking

1) Rent and transport to the office. Working from home saves a lot.

2) Regular movement can be tiring. Not everyone likes the background of other people’s voices.

3) It must be remembered that other people are not always decent. A stranger can steal your belongings, as well as spy on your programs, project work, or even a password on a public computer.


Types of coworking spaces


1) Office and industrial coworking

One of the most popular types includes everything you need: office equipment, furniture, and the Internet. This type of coworking space is open for everyone who wants to get office space.

2) Specialized

This type of coworking unites specialists of similar professions. For example, beauty coworking employs employees from the beauty industry.

3) Children’s

Here children can be taught to sing, dance, sculpt, draw, etc.

4) Street

The office can be creative, children’s, or craft, but the necessary equipment is located outdoors – in a park or square.


According to the content, the following types of coworking are distinguished:


1) Simple

When renting, the necessary minimum is provided: tables, chairs, armchairs, necessary equipment, and a water cooler.

2) Complex

They have special equipment for a small production or master classes. For example, carpentry equipment.

Coworking spaces are also distinguished by nationality, religion, or gender.


How to choose the best coworking space?


The most important criteria are usefulness, comfort, good equipment, cleanliness, and spaciousness.

The following factors must also be taken into account:

  • Customers and business partners evaluate the reliability of the company, first of all, by the external design of the house and the interior decoration of the premises. This will be their first impression of you and your company.
  • Availability of utilities – electricity and water supply.
  • It is desirable that the office will be in the city center. It is necessary to evaluate whether it is convenient to get to work in the office every day and how much time it takes to travel.
  • Availability of stable and high-speed Internet.
  • The quality of the workplace, which consists of the serviceability of a set of furniture and equipment.
  • Convenient office layout.
  • Availability of additional premises – meeting rooms with a telephone, separate offices.
  • Availability of parking.


Prices for coworking

Prices for coworking are formed taking into account many factors:

  • Region.
  • Location.
  • Available equipment.
  • Rental period: the longer the rental period, the cheaper one day of work in the coworking center will cost you.
  • Availability of a fixed or floating workplace.

The least expensive are hot desk offices when a person comes with a personal laptop and takes any free seat.

The most expensive is the rent of meeting rooms or separate rooms for business meetings.


That is, in general, coworking is an opportunity to have your workplace, if at home, for example, small children, noisy environment, cramped living conditions. It is also much better to receive clients and business partners in such an office. And an important advantage of such an office is its price, practicality and the possibility of new acquaintances.