What is Leadership Coaching?


Leadership coaching helps CEOs become better leaders. The best CEOs are able to develop leaders and teach them how to develop leaders.  According to John C. Maxwell, one of the top authorities on leadership, the effectiveness of an organization’s leaders is the cap of the organization’s performance. If leaders are growing, so is the bottom line. To understand leadership coaching and how to know if a leadership coach is effective, you need to know the traits of a good leader.

What Are The Traits of a Good Leader?

According to Arman Sadeghi of Titanium Success, below are five key traits every good leader should have.

Good Communication Skills

Good leaders are great communicators. First and foremost, this means they’re good listeners. The best leaders know each of their team member’s communication style, and they foster an environment that makes each person feel like they’re actually heard.

Secondly, effective leaders know how to get their message across to their team. They don’t just give them a directive and expect them to understand fully, but rather give them continuous feedback until they fully understand what they’ve been directed to do.


Next, effective leaders are compassionate and genuinely care about the success of their team members. Compassionate leaders take the time to care about their team members as individuals.

Sometimes life circumstances arise that hurt productivity, and compassionate leaders put their people over the bottom line in these scenarios.

Confidence in Their Team

A leader who doesn’t have confidence in their team isn’t much of a leader at all. People don’t like to be micromanaged, and that’s exactly what leaders who don’t believe in their team tend to do.

An effective leader has 100 percent confidence in their team to get the job done, and they hold themselves personally responsible when that doesn’t happen.

A Desire to Serve Something Greater Than Them

Bad leaders just see leadership as a means to an end. They only want to rise through the ranks of their companies because it’s the quickest way to make more money.

Effective leaders live for the thrill of leading a group of people towards achieving their collective mission, whatever that may be.

An Infectious Energy

Finally, the most effective leaders have an infectious positive energy that rubs off on their team. They approach each challenge with a positive attitude an firm belief that their team is capable of rising to any challenge.

They never speak negatively to their team members, even when they have to deliver criticism.

How Does a Leadership Coach Make Me a Better Leader?

Leadership coaching services are designed to instill and hone all of the traits you need to become a better leader.

A Leadership Coach Holds You Accountable

If you are the CEO or a high-level executive of a company, there is no one who is going to tell you that you are a bad leader. The only evidence is your results.

A leadership coach will show you tough love and call you out on the leadership decisions hurting your team.

A Leadership Coach Improves Your Decision Making

A leadership coach doesn’t just tell you what you’re doing wrong. They explain why each decision is wrong and then give a remedy for improving the decision.

A good coach invests themselves in making sure these corrected decisions become habits that are fully engrained into your leadership style.

A Leadership Coach Helps You Properly Delegate Tasks

Some executives over-delegate tasks and don’t give their team clear direction, while others under-delegate and try to micromanage the entire task.

A leadership coach teaches you a delegation strategy that empowers your team to take personal ownership of whatever tasks you throw their way.


Now that you understand leadership coaching, consider finding a leadership coach in your area to help you become the leader you were born to be.