What Type of Business are Most Vulnerable to Cyber Attack


In the modern age it is vital that your business has the correct IT support in London to help you ward off the threat of potential cyber attack. In the worst-case scenario a cyber attack can cost a business a lot of money, a lot of disruption to workflow, and big damage to its reputation. Setting in place robust IT support programmes helps to protect your business as best you can, as well as putting in place clear processes should a cyber attack occur.

You might be wondering what type of businesses are most vulnerable to cyber attack and whether or not you should seek professional IT support?

Which industries are most at risk of cyber attacks?

Small businesses

Although not one specific industry, many small businesses, across various industries and sectors, are susceptible to cyber attack purely for the fact that they do not have the necessary resources to put into cybersecurity. This makes them an easy target for hacking if they are found by a cyber criminal. Phishing attacks are the biggest threat to a small business, where a hacker can pretend to be a vendor or trusted third-party and trick the user with a malicious link. Malware is right up there too, disabling the devices of a company and providing a back door entry to sensitive, private data being held by the business.


Disruption to the healthcare sector caused by cyber attacks has been on the rise in recent years and it seems like there is no slowing down of the numbers each year. During the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns, healthcare organisations across the globe experienced a higher number of attacks in the form of malicious code, ransomed data, and other types of cyber attack.

Government agencies

Government agencies in every country are constantly aware of potential cyber attack. There is so much personal data, sensitive information, and personal identifying information that is contained in stored government records that it is no surprise that it is a sector continuously targeted by cyber criminals. When a cyber attack takes place this can cause massive disruption to a government agency, grinding things to a halt and disabling key processes.

Financial institutions

The huge quantities of personal data and personal identifying information held by financial institutions makes them a top target for cyber criminals. Without clear and robust cyber security measures in place, access to personal information could lead to sensitive files being unprotected and prime targets. Malicious code is used to infiltrate servers, to steal files, and expose personal and financial information. The widespread use of banking apps has made it much harder to protect against cyber attacks for financial institutions, highlighting the importance of staying ahead of the game in terms of levels of protection.

The education sector

With the increased use of technology within education, especially through the long periods of home schooling in the last few years, the avenues through which a cyber attack can infiltrate an educational institution has increased. Malware attacks, including trojans, spyware, adware, and ransomware, have all been on the rise in the education sector. In some instances, hackers have disabled online education systems that have impacted the education of millions of students.

Energy companies

There are certain sectors where hackers can gain more than just the money and data of customers and interested parties. Within the energy and utilities sector, hackers can gain access to controls and processes that can impact millions of the population. Hacktivists are those that target energy companies in a way that could disrupt energy function. This could be a statement of unrest and is ever-more possible as energy companies rely more heavily on technology (as does every industry).

How to protect your company from a cyber attack

There are a few things that can be done to help protect your company from cyber attack. The best though, is to hire a team of professional IT support in London or wherever you are based. With the experience and skills, and the continuous training, they understand the threat of cyber attacks, the different vulnerabilities your business and industry have to attack, and how to best approach a cyber security strategy.

As you can see, there are some industries that are more likely to experience a cyber attack than others, but there is a broad range of business type, of all shapes and sizes, that do come under attack each year. Do not risk the situation getting out of hand, it could mean a disaster for your business in terms of reputation and money. Find the right IT support in London to protect your business from cyber attack and to understand the warning signs should something untoward be taking place.