Why Are Audiobooks So Popular For Personal Growth


Why Are Audiobooks So Popular For Personal Growth

Audiobooks have grown in popularity in recent years, with more and more of us disappearing for a chapter or two behind our headphones. There are so many titles out there that there is something for everyone. You can find young adults listening to classic fiction in the park or an entrepreneur looking for new personal development strategies on their commute. So, what is it about audiobooks that makes them so popular right now?

Why Audiobooks And Not Physical Books?

There is still a high demand for physical books. Countless titles come out each year in print form, and consumers still love spending time enjoying the sensory experience of a bookstore. Printers can continue to draw in keen readers with new covers and reprints of classic titles to help them complete a collection. For some, there is nothing like physically escaping into the pages of a real book. But, for others, reading a printed page isn’t easy or relaxing, especially after a day of looking at a computer screen.

There was a point when readers looked down on audiobooks as an inferior form of entertainment. Thankfully, that’s changed, with more and more classic titles and big-name series getting audiobook versions. It is an accessible and enjoyable experience that still allows people to appreciate a good story. They’ve also proved to be a valuable resource for non-fiction writing and self-development courses. Revenue for audiobooks has grown year on year, according to statistics from Statista. There was a jump from 2.51 to 3.21 billion USD in 2021 during the pandemic, and this has grown ever since. The projection for 2024 is 7.93 billion, with that almost doubling by the end of the decade.

The Popularity Of Fiction Audiobooks.

Fictional audiobooks have their place alongside non-fiction titles because it can be just like listening to a bedtime story. Many of us like to unwind at night by distracting ourselves with soundscapes or relaxing with some ASMR. So, the right fictional bedtime story could be a step above that. The endearing story, told in a soothing voice, can be a fun part of any ritual. Alternatively, those who struggle to get into larger books because of time constraints or a lack of confidence can enjoy popular books at any time of day. For example, the Lord of the Rings series is essential for any fan of the fantasy genre – especially if you’ve seen the films. However, the books are long and difficult to read. So, an audiobook provides that fun middle ground between the two.

The Rise Of Quality Fiction Audiobooks

With so many titles getting the audiobook treatment and so many fans expecting quality experiences, audiobooks have improved in recent years. A big factor here is the use of AI in creating the speech. This is a cheap tool for those who want to create new files of written text. The problem is that some don’t sound much better than text-to-speech programs or assistants like Siri. They lack the emotion and nuance to draw people into the prose. They also fail to understand context and mispronounce words.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have the new audiobooks that are elaborate productions. You get a full cast of characters and a score, so it really is like listening to an audio play. The cast for the big-name adaptations, such as the recent 1984 audiobook, is also full of star names. They can offer the emotion and intensity to help listeners escape into this other world.

The Popularity Of Non-Fiction Audiobooks

Of course, it isn’t just fiction titles drawing listeners into the world of audiobooks. Self-help and personal development books are big draws. There are countless titles out there from experts in their fields that divulge industry secrets. The combination of the authenticity of the author, the information presented, and the encouraging tone are inspiring. That’s why esteemed public speakers like Darren Shirlaw have audiobooks to download to teach people how to profit in business and build success. Listeners find something to latch onto and use in their daily life. That may or may not lead to the positive development they are after.

What makes these audiobooks even more popular with listeners is the way they can absorb the information. Reading a physical book takes time and energy. We can’t always carve out a half-hour break to read a chapter, and it often feels too much like studying for an exam. An audiobook lets us listen to information while multitasking. Many find that this approach makes it easier to take in important information because their conscious brain is preoccupied while the subconscious listens more closely. A budding entrepreneur who enjoys instructional books and audio seminars can listen while they are cleaning, walking the dog, or even driving to work.

The Accessibility of Non-Fiction Audiobooks

Another reason that audiobooks are so engaging is their accessibility. While readers of traditional printed books continue to champion independent bookstores and shy away from Amazon, the site is still perfect for audiobook downloads. The company owns Audible as well, which is one of the premier places to find a range of titles for a low price. The subscription rates and accessible apps mean users can queue up a library of titles on their phones with ease. Other companies have tried to hone in on Audibles turf recently, offering their own ways to access audio stories and podcasts. There is a greater acknowledgment that audiences want choice and high-quality media in an accessible way. So, if you are an entrepreneur looking for new business information in a hurry, these audiobooks are the way forward.

The takeaway here is that it doesn’t matter why you want to enjoy audiobooks. You could be an entrepreneur looking for new ways to profit or someone looking for a new fantasy story. What matters is that these audiobooks are more accessible, engaging, and respected than ever before. If those projections about revenue growth are correct, the industry can only get better, and so will the content. Audiobooks really are here to stay.