Why Buyer Solo Ads Are Good for Building a Targeted Email List


Are you an affiliate marketer who’s looking to get more sales in your online business? Are you looking to optimize your marketing strategy and get more conversions?

You need to be building an email list as email marketing is known to yield a very high ROI. Not using the email channel to promote your product(s) is a huge mistake. If left uncorrected, you could start losing business to your competitors.

Since you’re promoting products to an audience interested in something, you want to find the best prospects that are targeted to your product’s niche/category.

Randomly promoting them over the internet is not a great idea as the conversion rate won’t be very high and then you’ll encounter several tire kickers in the process.

One way to tackle this is by investing in buyer solo ads.

As per https://oursoloads.com/ – These are some of the best solo ads for affiliate marketing as these leads are not mere prospects, but they’re buyers. They’re known to purchase products that’s why they even made it to the buyer segment.

If you’re testing new products, using these can be a great way to find out how well it will do. If you can’t get sales from a buyers list, you probably won’t with regular ads.

Here are some of the reasons why you should prefer a list of buyers:

  1. These Are the Cream of the Crop Traffic

This audience is considered the best when it comes to buying a product as these are known to take action.

These also have access to funds and other means so the budget shouldn’t be an issue. More often than not, these leads belong to native English-speaking countries and that helps to an extent as well.

  1. These Can Save You a Lot of Time and Resources

Again, this shouldn’t come off as a surprise. Even though buying solo ads traffic that comes from a buyer list can be expensive, it can be well worth it.

You can run an ad to quickly determine the conversion rate of a product. You’ll save a lot of time and resources as these offer some of the best leads/sales ratio.

You’ll get people who buy your recommendations and not just open/read emails.

  1. You Get to Build a Targeted Email List in Record Time

Since you have to pay for your solo advertising campaigns, you can scale very quickly to grow your mailing list.

This way, you can build your list to beyond 5,000 or even 10,000 subscribers in no time. If you continue to promote to your audience along the way (as an affiliate), you’ll make back most if not all of your ad spend.

  1. Insanely High ROI

These are the best quality subscribers that you can possibly find so you’re going to make the most out of your ad spend. As a result, you’ll break even fast.

You do have to have a quality product though. As they say – junk in, junk out. If you promote a low-quality product, you’ll get a ton of refund requests. That’s the last thing you would want as a product seller and an affiliate.

Payment processors like PayPal are not a huge fan of refund requests/chargebacks either so you’ll do yourself more harm than good.

  1. Sell Traffic from Your Lists (Bonus)

If you come up with a service where you would promote other people’s products to your list (for a fee), your service can sell like hot cakes!

You have some of the best leads that have a history to buy and your customers have products that are a good fit. That’s a win-win situation.

However, if you’re not a fan of working directly with people or not sure if you want to work with clients, stick to affiliate marketing instead.

Final Words

So, that’s brings us to the end of this post. If you’re not using buyer solo ads already, you’re missing out. It’s one of the best ways to build a targeted list of prospects.

Moreover, an email list is an asset that will serve you for years to come.

With time, you’ll gain experience and hone your copywriting skills. This will eventually take your conversion rates to the next level.