Why Essay Writing Skills Are Important – Key Reasons

May 15, 2021

Essay writing skills are very important for a person’s future career. Both the actual ability to write an essay, and the skills learned through writing essays are qualities that many companies find desirable.

In office work, or desk jobs, essay writing is an everyday task. Writing a memo or taking notes on a work session involves the skills learned in writing essays. Creating reports about a finished assignment to send to a superior, being able to word a complaint like a suggestion, and maintaining a professional voice at most times are important skills.

“When people learn to write essays in school, they are often given a prompt from which they have to draw their information or to which they have to respond in the essay,” says Maria Rice, an essay writer at SolidEssay and TOK Essay. Paying attention to the prompt is vital to the success of the essay. If the prompt is not read carefully, then the essay can be written about something completely different than was intended by the teacher. Similarly, in work one must be careful to pay attention to the instructions that one is given. If a step is missed or a detail ignored, it is likely to upset the person in charge and result in trouble for many people.

Being able to organize one’s thoughts is a very important skill. When telling a story or giving instructions, if one’s thoughts are disorganized, it is very hard to understand the point. The process of writing essays helps people learn how to make the information that they want to impart appear with some semblance of order. Expressing a story in the order the events happened or assigning tasks in the order which they need to be completed makes it much easier for a person to be understood by others.

Succinctness is a term used to describe a thought that is briefly and clearly expressed. The word concise can also be used in turn. These skills are very important in life and business. People do not want to listen to a long and drawn out speech about office supply safety. A short list of bullet points would be sufficient for that situation. When addressing professionals at any time, making sure the content of one’s speech is short and to the point is a must.

Making sure information is comprehensible to the audience is also important. Be sure to read the room. If one is writing a children’s book, the language should be very different from that used in a technical volume. A report to one’s superior may be worded differently than a conversation with a cubicle neighbor. Being aware of the context of one’s information is vital.

Learning to avoid undue repetition is also imperative. The audience does not wish to read five different wordings of the same message in one paragraph. The monotony can lead them to skim the information, resulting in the potential loss of something else important that may have been embedded in said monotony. When writing essays, students learn to impart all of their information only as many times as the instructor deems necessary.

To conclude, writing essays in high school and college gives people the opportunity to learn a large quantity of writing skills that will be vital in their future professional lives.

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