4 Reasons To Rely On A Workers’ Comp Lawyer To Handle Your Work-Related Injury Claim


If you’ve experienced a work-related injury, there are instances when hiring a lawyer is somewhat unnecessary. These instances generally surround the specifics of the injury. Suppose you experienced a minor injury such as a cut that only required a few stitches, you did not miss a lot of time from work, or your employer admits liability. In these cases, you can often settle your claim without the expertise of a workers’ comp lawyer.

On the other hand, some work-related injuries are severe, and you could be unable to work for months on end, or perhaps you cannot perform your job role permanently. In this case, it is generally necessary to find an expert lawyer in the field. If you are still not entirely sure that hiring a lawyer is essential, we have listed the four sure reasons to find the best workers’ comp lawyer with the help of industry expert finders such as Top Researched.

Legal Knowledge That Will Benefit Your Claim

You do your best to keep yourself safe at work, and even so, you have experienced an injury. While your employer may have stringent health and safety protocols in place to prevent accidents, your employer is still liable for your damages. However, you likely don’t have the extensive legal knowledge, and employers can often coerce employees out of filing a claim, especially in cases when the employer does not have workers’ comp insurance. Regardless, a workers’ comp lawyer will know precisely how to handle your claim as they know all the legal details of this area of the law.

Uncover The Value Of Your Case

You may not be aware of the genuine value of your case, which means you might settle for a lower than fair claim payout than what you are entitled to. Your employer or your employers’ legal team will attempt to offer a low settlement banking on your lack of legal knowledge. Therefore, hiring a lawyer will ensure your know the actual value of your case.

Covering The Damages Of Severe Injuries

Suppose your injury has left you unable to perform your job role for several months, or you are permanently disabled. You might be entitled to more compensation as the injury will continue to cost you indefinitely. Your lawyer will insist that your employer is liable for future medical bills and lost wages, ensuring an even higher and more fair payout for your unfortunate experience.

The Potential Of Third-Party Claims

In some cases, you can claim for your employer and another party for your injury. If you were injured in a car accident while performing job-related duties, you could also claim from the negligent driver for damages. This is a legal detail that most are unaware of, which is why hiring a professional workers’ comp lawyer can be exceptionally beneficial to your claim.

Unless your injuries were minor and your employer accepts responsibility, finding a workers’ comp lawyer to handle your claim for you is always best. The decision to rely on a specialized lawyer will also give you peace of mind in knowing you will be treated fairly and compensated with an amount that matches your damages.