How To Stay Safe At Work

April 21, 2021

Safety at work has been given extra attention in recent months. As if health & safety isn’t already an integral part of protecting workers, we also have a global pandemic to complicate matters further. Extra precautions and additional measures may have you thinking about the importance of workplace safety,  and you’d be forgiven if you were a little preoccupied with it. In addition to the new issue of creating Covid safe spaces, how can you protect yourself in general at work?

Adhere to the rules

It’s estimated that 2.3 million people worldwide are involved in accidents at work, so it’s crucial that if you work in a high-risk environment that you adhere to the safety rules.

If you work in the construction industry, you are required by law to wear protective gear, and it’s up to your employer to ensure it’s available and that you wear it correctly. Protective gear should include hard hats, hi-vis clothing, and eye protection. If anything isn’t up to standard, your employer’s responsibility is to replace it immediately and not allow you on-site. If you have been involved in a work-related accident, click here for information on the types of falls and injuries that can occur and actions you could take.

Personal responsibility

Of course, it’s important to take personal responsibility when looking after your health and wellbeing or when moving around the workplace. Don’t take unnecessary risks such as climbing a wobbly ladder, or worse, use an unstable object.

During Covid times, it would be useful to carry antibacterial hand gel for your protection and that of others. People are used to this now, and it’s important to stay vigilant.

Take some time to read the Health & Safety policy that is legally required by the government, familiarise yourself with it so should any incident occur, you are well prepared. This is especially important when it comes to fire regulations. Every company is required by law to have a fire procedure and a protocol in the event of a fire.

Emotional safety

It’s easy to overlook the importance of emotional safety within the workplace; however, keeping track of mental and emotional well-being is vital to overall health. Cultural and sexual diversity is a much-debated subject, but one that must be addressed and adhered to. There may be times at work that you need to remove yourself from toxic people or conversations, and that’s okay. Being aware of personal triggers is key to maintaining balance. Looking after yourself psychologically isn’t selfish and should be a priority to maintain a balanced and healthy mindset.

On the positive side, you can actively promote positivity in the workplace and enhance your happiness while supporting others. Recognizing that your company is made up of different people that can bring together valuable perspectives on a variety of things will help you to respond in kind and compassionate way that contributes to an environment that is collaborative and mutually respectful.

You can do much to make being at work a pleasant experience, and staying safe is essential as you navigate the uncertainty of life.

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