4 Tips to Managing a Successful Club Operation


A club’s success depends on how it is governed and managed. Since constant turnover in club leadership and board membership promotes ineffective governance, effective management is probably the biggest hurdle for the success of a club.

Member satisfaction is the main priority for club management. As a club manager, your ultimate goal should be giving great club experiences to your members, both in-person and online.

4 Tips to Managing a Successful Club Operation

The following tips will help you manage a successful club operation:

Provide members with an online platform

Providing online portals for members plays a vital role in modern club management. It is a convenient way for members to engage with your club online and on-site. You can create and manage wholly optimized and responsive online platforms using top club management systems.


For instance, you can get the software to manage your golf club and assign members secure log-in credentials if you run a golf club.

The log-in details enable club members to access their portals and manage their account information. You can also share announcements and news directly with members using bulletin boards or forums.

Carry out member surveys

If you want to gauge your membership’s experience, you should ask them directly. Most club management systems feature a tool that enables you to gather member responses fast and accurately.

Automating the survey process also allows you to analyze actionable data and determine the membership’s views. You can identify areas and services that need improvements to increase member satisfaction. The following steps are essential when designing your member survey.

  1. State the objective of the survey
  2. Draft a list of questions
  3. Review each question to prevent bias and ambiguity
  4. Consider the structure of your survey
  5. Test your survey on a small sample size
  6. Improve response rate

Regular surveys help a club’s management improve specific amenities and services.

Personalize your services

You can provide members with personalized services, online and at the club, with the help of a sophisticated CMS. The integrated member data gives you and your team access to every member’s information.

Using this information, you can quickly improve each member’s unique, personalized experience. Also, with a comprehensive member database, you can build stronger interpersonal connections.

This is important since identifying members with identical behavior and interests is a proven member engagement strategy. Depending on backgrounds, experiences, and shared interests, aggregate data enables to identify minority membership clusters.

Apart from placing them, it would help to tailor specific communications to them using your club management software.

Understand different leadership styles

To achieve your goals, you must match the suitable management style to the task at hand. To become a successful club manager, you need to understand the following common leadership styles:

  • Directive – direct approaches are best for simply stated tasks. However, it is ineffective where unskilled staff could learn or direct a highly skilled workforce.
  • Affiliative – aims to build harmony. It works best when motivating subordinates, managing conflict, or counseling others.
  • Authoritative – most effective when clear standards and direction are required. However, when extra guidance is needed, they can yield poor results.
  • Pacesetting – encourages your workforce to carry out tasks to a high standard. It also promotes self-direction, especially in motivated individuals. It is less effective when coordination, development, and coaching are essential.
  • Participative – by rewarding teamwork and encouraging contribution in decision-making, it helps to build loyalty and consensus. However, it does not help much in instances that require close supervision or during crises.

With a management style that affects every aspect of their club, club managers influence its success. You must understand how your members behave, think, and interact with your club. You can make a difference for your career, staff, and club by applying what works best.