5 Tips for “Bootstrapping” the Startup Costs of a Side Hustle


When you are trying to get a side hustle going and need to fund a start-up off the ground, you need money for it. You are trying to make more money, not less. You aren’t trying to hemorrhage money for a company that doesn’t end up being successful. That’s why you need to start out with a decent amount of money. Not only do you need to get started off on the right foot, but it’s also necessary to invest enough money to expand and thrive. Below are some tips to help you “bootstrap,” or fund the costs of your start-up side hustle.

Find Investors

One of the most effective ways to fund your start-up venture is to find investors. With investors who are willing to put their money into your idea, you will have people who believe in you and money behind you. You will have the ability and agency to do what you need to do to succeed. Investors will help you put enough money into the start-up initially and be able to make the first push in earnest. Depending on what your idea is, you will need enough money to put the idea into practice. The best way to do that is to find investors who will be in it to receive a return on their investment.

Make a Sale

Another way to cultivate some cash for a start-up venture is to make a sale on an item you have that’s valuable. Do you own property? Do you have more cars than you need? There are plenty of things that are valuable you can sell to gain some extra cash for your new venture. If you need more money to get started on your side hustle, selling something you already own can provide some money for your whole financial situation. Selling a possession that you must start a business can help you make more money and create a better life.

Utilize Finance Options

Of course, you could use the finance options at your disposal. Do you have a high credit score? You can use whatever loan and credit card options you must pay for the initial costs of starting a business. A business loan will come in handy if you have a good credit standing. Conversely, if you don’t have a good credit score you can take out personal loans to build credit.

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Personal loans can be used for business purposes, but as you build credit you will gain access to larger loans with lower interest rates. Whatever credit you can use should be taken advantage of to provide enough funds to get started, but make sure to pay what you are lent as soon as possible to keep your interest low and raise your credit score.

Low Overhead, High Profits

However much money you have to get going in your start-up, you should keep your overhead low and have a method to make profits. A business needs employees, a product or service to sell, and a plan for marketing and growth. Before you hire a bunch of people, get started by offering something to your customers. A way to make profits early will give you the juice you need to keep going, expand, hire more employees, and create new profit opportunities.

Borrow from Friends & Family

Do you have limited ways to fund your side hustle start-up? If you don’t have many options, you can ask your friends and family to borrow some money. They can become a partner in the business or simply a way to get your hands on some money to start your company. Borrowing money from friends and family is another way to access the funds you need to get your start-up off the ground.

Getting into a start-up side business isn’t easy, but if you work hard to grow and keep the company going, you just may be able to make your side hustle to a full-time job. If you get going now, you can cultivate a side hustle that could end becoming more lucrative than the full-time job you have now. Do you have an idea? You should get started on making this dream a reality.