How The Holidays Can Affect Businesses


When we look at the big picture, the holiday season is a time for us to look forward to and spend with the ones we love. For most of us workers, we can sit back and relax for a little time and embrace the time away from our desks. However, depending on what industry you work in, the holidays can be a very stressful time of the year. With the help of the market research agency by Circle Research, this infographic has been createdto give you a rundown on how different types of businesses are affected over the festive period. The four main business groups have been addressed (SME, retail, charities and food industries). This article will take you through a brief explanation of each sector, but be sure to check out the infographic in detail!



  • 75% of all SME owners work on Christmas Day
  • 5% of SME owners will be too busy to spend the whole of Christmas Day with their families
  • New research has discovered that 1 in 4 owners of SMEs work over the Christmas period
  • 24% checked their emails and continued to send emails on the 25th December




  • Online Christmas spending has been proved to increase over 11.8% each year
  • Online orders see a 51.1% rise during the week of Christmas
  • Many retail workers are expected to work on the majority of holidays
  • There was a 12% rise in online spending on Black Friday alone




  • Over 50% of UK households choose to donate to charity in December
  • 38% of people are more likely to donate in the lead up to Christmas
  • In 2016, the total giving to charitable organisations equated to $390.05 billion


Food Industry


  • 2 million Christmas dinners were wasted in one year alone
  • An estimated £20.6 billion was spend by UK shoppers on Christmas food in 2016
  • Thousands of chefs, kitchen assistants and waiting staff all work on Christmas day


As you can see, there are a lot of large statistics involved with the majority of these sectors. While there is the harsh reality of ensuring your business is still running efficiently on Christmas Day, the figures somewhat make it all seem worth it!