How to Effectively Market Your Gym Using Facebook and Instagram


Social media is huge for consumers. It provides the opportunity to connect with others, to share, and to explore new things to purchase or try. Businesses, when they use social media properly, can see a boost in new customers as well as better engagement with current ones. Going viral can’t hurt, but it’s not strictly necessary to market a gym online. Effective marketing strategies can make a difference immediately and help the gym continue to grow. 

Use Ads to Bring in New Customers

Ads can be a great way to attract new customers. Both Facebook and Instagram allow ads to be purchased and placed in specific locations to increase the chances of potential customers noticing the ad and deciding to take a look. The best ads today don’t really look like ads. Instead, they look like just another post and have something to help grab the attention of everyone who scrolls by. Take the time to learn more about Facebook ads to see how effective they can be for a gym. 

Boost User Engagement for Current Customers

Posting on social media provides the opportunity for gyms to interact with their existing customers, whether they’ve been a customer for years or are brand new members. Better engagement can help keep current customers coming back, encourage them to tell others about the gym, and encourage new members to get involved. Learning how to boost engagement can help with creating posts that are high-quality and more likely to get people talking. 

Create the Right Content to Do More

Make sure the content being created is what customers and potential clients are looking for when they’re browsing social media. Gyms often do well with informative posts that give advice or videos that show tips, tricks, and techniques customers can use. Post short views of easy exercises, how to use the equipment, gym-related jokes, and anything else that customers may enjoy. Always take time to create well-designed content to post. 

Combine Paid and Organic Content

Ads are a great way to bring in new customers, but they aren’t going to be fun for anyone. Instead of just opting for paid content, add organic content, as well. This content isn’t an ad and is posted without purchasing ad space, but it’s designed to boost engagement, encourage new customers to sign up, and help with optimization so the gym gets a higher ranking in search results. Add organic content regularly on both Facebook and Instagram. 

Don’t Forget Written Content

Photos, brief videos, and infographics are fantastic to share on social media, but don’t forget to include written content as well. Written content can include how-to guides, information gym users need to know, and a lot more. It’s possible to post the whole piece on social media if it’s short, but for longer pieces, try posting an excerpt and linking to the gym’s website. This gets users to read the post and encourages them to visit the site to learn more. 

For today’s gyms, social media marketing can be a huge asset that can really help a gym grow. Ready to get started? Use the tips here to start using Facebook and Instagram more effectively to market your gym. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to bring in new leads, boost engagement, and make sure all posts and ads are as effective as possible.