How to Use Pay-per-Click Strategies to Your Advantage

 September 06, 2020

Pay-per-click advertising is gaining momentum and has already become one of the key instruments of every digital marketing campaign. Beneficial at the core as you only pay when people click on your ad, it’s a huge opportunity to grow every business regardless of its size and industry – if used wisely, of course. If you’re plotting to take advantage of this popular digital marketing tactic to boost your company’s performance, check out our guide on how to use PPC strategies to your advantage.

How to Use Pay-per-Click Strategies to Your Advantage

Use Facebook Ads to Boost Your Brand Awareness

Regardless of what you think of Facebook, it is arguably the world’s most crowded social platform that can brag of nearly 1.5 billion active users on a daily basis. If you wonder, whether it’s the right place to advertise your services or products, simply imagine a vibrant and dynamic ad with the name of your brand seamlessly fitting in with thousands of timelines.

To make things even better, your ads will not show up at some randomly selected timelines, but instead, will be brought right in front of your potential clientele. Facebook lets you upload your own customer data to match it with the information gathered by third-party brokers and, as a result, significantly boost your reach of would-be consumers. If your audience can be easily targeted in accordance with interests, behaviors, or demographics, then Facebook ads are able to work miracles, taking your brand awareness and visibility to the next level.

Advertising on Facebook is also one of the most affordable ways to cover a huge audience scattered across the globe. While your budget can vary greatly based on the major objectives of your campaign, the importance of affordability is hard to overestimate, especially in the case of small businesses and startups.

Use Google AdWords to Reach Your Target Audience

It’s no secret, setting up a proper Google Ads campaign is the easiest and fastest channel to your target audience that lets you reach your goals and reap the benefits in a pretty short period of time.

The largest search engine out there, Google processes over 40,000 queries per second, meaning it is undoubtedly the best spot to be if you want to find new customers. In contrast to Facebook and other social platforms that help people find your business, Google Adwords gives you a hand when you need to reach out to the new circle of clients. However, experts from Falcon Digital Marketing say that if you want to get the most of your Google Ads campaign, a high-targeted approach is a key to success. They explain: “For years now, we have seen tangible results brought by these services here for companies that come from different industries, ranging from real estate and property management to healthcare and law firms.  All you need is a proper strategy fully optimized for conversions, leads, and ROI, and a set of marketing tools to embody it into reality“.

The largest PPC platform of all, Google Ads is a very complex universe where the money is not everything. As incredible as it may seem, an infinite budget is not a 100% guarantee for the top position in search results as ad placement is also based on its relevance and quality.

By the way, CTR (click-through-rate) serves as one of the main indicators of your ad quality, the more clicks it gets, the more relevant it is. CTR is important both for you and for Google, as you can get an idea of the quality of your ad while Google gets paid whatever the displayed brand bid for that click.

Use the Benefits of Remarketing Ads

Why would you run a remarketing ads campaign? First and foremost, because it is an unbelievably effective instrument that brings users back to your website in case they haven’t completed the purchase during the previous visit. More akin friendly reminders, these ads often deliver some of the highest conversion rates, giving your would-be customers a little nudge to go back and finish the action on your site.

It doesn’t matter whether your enterprise has a short or long sales cycle, both types can take advantage of a smartly run pay-per-click remarketing campaign. While it can be carried out in many different ways, if you want to achieve really good results and hit the sweet spot, you will have to build out multiple lists and update them regularly in accordance with current developments and changes in behaviors of your users.

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Get Off the Beaten Path With Bing

To stand out of the competition and get more value for your money, take a shot at advertising on Bing, which offers great flexibility in terms of connecting with your target markets. Bing Ads are usually cheaper than their AdWords counterparts, mainly because of stiff competition for certain keywords on Google.

In addition to that, Bing lets you choose whether you want your ads to be shown strictly to people who meet your exact keywords criteria or also those who do not have a perfect match in their search query.

Bing will also gladly add some credibility to your ads by adding exciting social stats under your headline. Such seamless social integration is another advantage of advertising on Bing intended to drastically improve the interaction rate of your ad.

Get More Exposure and Sales With Display Ads

Display ads come in a variety of formats, but banners are the most popular of all. Displayed on the thousands of various sites, they provide for the opportunity to introduce your brand to users while they are browsing the internet outside of search engines.

Display campaigns is another great channel to bring your ads in front of the right people at the right time, all the more so, if you believe your company needs enhanced visibility and more sales. Leveraging advanced targeting methods and doing a lot of research will swiftly bear desired results.

In today’s extremely competitive market, you cannot reach new heights without a viable digital marketing campaign. Pay-per-click strategies are perfectly able to bring the virtues of your business right to the fingertips of your potential customers, just do your best to use them to your advantage.

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