Using Sports to Make Some Money


The wide world of sports provides plenty of entertainment throughout the year to both fans and non-fans alike. Not only is sport a great source of entertainment, but it can also be a great way to make some extra money for yourself.


It won’t be hard to find Super Bowl betting odds for the NFL season, but you can actually do so much more with those lines than simply placing a bet. Betting can win you some money on sports, but you can also find safer options that will have the same result.


Most of the options listed below take very little experience, and very little hard work to get things up and running. Consider doing one or two of these if you are looking to make some money on sports.

Start a Podcast

In case you haven’t been paying attention over the last few years, podcasts have become the latest craze regarding media. Starting a podcast is a relatively simple concept, and you can actually make a profit off of this after you have built up an audience.


This podcast can discuss Super Bowl odds or you can narrow your focus to just one single team or one single sport. You don’t have to be the best public speaker to get a podcast up and running, but you just have to find a way to be entertaining.

Paid Betting Predictions

With so many people looking to bet on Super Bowl, you can turn that into a nice little side business for yourself. If you want to become an expert on the NFL then you can use that knowledge to make money by selling your information to potential bettors.


Everyone is always looking for the easy way out, and that includes those that are looking to bet on sports. You can simply make some Super Bowl predictions and then “sell” those picks to others for a nice return of money.


You obviously will want to have a disclaimer stating that you don’t guarantee any victories, but bettors will be lining up to get any additional information that you can provide.

Run A Website

With so many people flocking to the internet for the latest news and entertainment, money can be made by creating your own sports-centered website. This is another project that can be relatively easy to set up, and you can start to make some money as you are able to build up a following and a fan base.


You really have all of the power when it comes to creating a website, but this is something that you will have to make sure of and update daily. Again, this doesn’t have to be the greatest website ever created as fans are simply coming to your page to look for information.

Write Sports Content

Another option if you want to make some money on sports is to start a job as someone that writes sports content for other companies. This is another industry that has grown significantly over the last few years, especially if you are looking to write sports betting content.


It won’t be hard to find companies that are looking for workers for this type of job, but it’s also not a career that will make you rich. As long as you understand that you only get paid for the content you produce then you should be set.

Create Unique Memorabilia

Every sports team has a trademark that keeps others from making a profit off of names, likenesses, or logos, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create unique memorabilia. There have been many examples of people that have been able to set up an online store by creating products that sports fans can enjoy wearing or using.


This is probably the one option that will require the most thought and planning, and you will also need to have the equipment that makes this a possibility. If you are someone that has the means or resources to get something set up then you’ll be amazed at the type of money that will come flowing in.


Someone is going to eventually create some unique memorabilia to sell regarding a sports team, and that person might as well be you.