UX vs. UI – Which Should You Focus In Web Design


Web design is not just about making your website look great; there is much more to it. You need to make sure that your website functions correctly and is intuitive. This is why the user experience is just as necessary as the user interface.

Understanding the differences between these two terms is essential if you want to improve your web design. You will find out what each word means, why it is necessary, and what you can do to improve your web design.

What Is User Experience (UX) Design?

User experience design is about how users interact with the product. The UX design focuses on all the different elements that can change the user experience. If you want to change how easy it is for the user to achieve their goals or use your website, then UX is what you need to focus on.

UX design is not about how the website looks; it is about how the user feels when using the website and interacting with its elements. This doesn’t just apply to websites either; as any UX/UI design agency will tell you, UX design can improve any product.

What Is User Interface (UI) Design?

User interface design is about the look of the website and how interactive it is. Unlike UX design, UI design is about the website’s visuals and interactive elements that the user can experience.

The UI focuses on typography, shapes, buttons, images, and the color palette.

What Are The Differences Between UX And UI Design?

Before we talk about the differences between these two terms, you should understand that both of them work together, and you cannot have one without the other. They are both vital in web design.

User Experience

UX design tries to help the users with their pain points by improving the website to ensure that the users can achieve their goals without any problems. UX design is a part of the product’s life cycle from the beginning.

A UX designer will find out about the target user through research to find the user’s pain points. Once the UX designer has this information, they can start working on fixing these problems to make the user experience great.

UX designers need to map out the user’s journey through the entire product, not just specific parts of it. They will think about how the user could interact with the product and how this can be improved to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. This is what a UX design firm will do when improving your product to give users what they need.

User Interface

The UI designer will focus on the visual parts of the design that the user will experience when they use the website. This includes the color palette the user will see, the buttons they will interact with, the images they will see, and the use of white space to make the website’s content look more attractive and easier to view.

The user interface designer needs to think about accessibility for the different users that could use the website. Does the color palette make the text readable? Will users who have color blindness be able to view the content easily? These are the kinds of problems that the UI designer will need to focus on to ensure all users have a great experience.

This is something that people don’t think about when they are designing their user interface, but it can influence your website positively or negatively based on how much thought is given to it.

The Focus Of User Experience Design

UX designers are responsible for making sure the product given to customers can meet their needs and help them solve the pain points they are facing. They will focus on the steps the users will take when they interact with the website, what they are thinking and feeling when trying to achieve their goals, and the impression they have when completing what they want to do.

The Focus Of User Interface Design

If you want to improve parts of a website that the user might interact with or all of the website, the UI is what you need to change. UI designers need to focus on everything that the user might interact with, including touchscreens and keyboards.

The user interface designer needs to understand who the target users are and what they like and dislike. If they don’t know this, they will not be able to effectively design the product for the people who will use it.


Reading this article makes you understand that user experience design and user interface design are essential. But just knowing that isn’t enough, and that’s why this article has clarified the differences and why both of these terms are important for web design and every other product’s design.

You can’t have one without the other, and using both of them correctly will help you improve your website’s user experience and increase the number of people who want to return to your website and use it again. If you still need help, find a user experience agency to help you improve your web design and give your users what they need.

You should now know the difference between these terms and which one you should focus on for your website.