Why Good Packaging Design is So Important for Your New Product

June 19, 2021

Is your company getting ready to launch an exciting new product to its line-up? Do you want to be sure the launch is a huge success, there is demand for the product, and that you reach all your target markets? Launching a new product takes a lot of planning and research, but part of that needs to include the product packaging. Good product packaging design can play a big role in the success of the launch. Let’s take a closer look.

Why Good Packaging Design is So Important for Your New Product

A Fabulous Way to Stand Out from Competition

Whenever a company launches a new product it’s important that it makes a splash from the get-go, which means it needs to stand out from the rest. It needs to have unique features and attributes that grab the attention of consumers. Because so much is decided by a consumer within the first few seconds, packaging can do a great job at helping your product to stand out on the shelves. It can help the item to pop, look exciting, and feel “different” from all the rest.

This means you’ll need to take the time to research the packaging that the competition is using so that you don’t accidentally create something too similar. You might also want to opt for sustainable packaging like paper wraps or sugarcane packaging.

Packing Allows Your Branding to Stay Consistent

Even though you want your new product to stand out from the competition, there also needs to be cohesion across your brand. Brand recognition is something that companies work hard to achieve, so any packaging you choose needs to adhere to the common elements and design features you’ve been using. That means using the same logo that you always use. Maybe you have a particular color palette, font, and so forth that helps to create a sense of consistency and drive home brand recognition.

It Can Help to Showcase the Product in the Best Way

Product packaging design can also help to showcase your new item in the best possible way. This will make it more appealing to consumers and hopefully translate to higher sales. Each product will be unique, which means the packaging has to reflect the differences. You can speak to companies like The Packaging Lab to develop custom packaging solutions.

Did You Know Packaging Color Can Have an Impact?

The final tip comes down to the color of packaging you use. Yes, everything has to be consistent with the brand, but there are some colors that create a more positive brain reaction and these are the ones you’ll likely want to embrace. So what are the best colors to pick? Here are a few examples:

  • Navy – conveys a sense of professionalism
  • White – conveys purity, safety, and simplicity
  • Sky blue – conveys a sense of playfulness

This doesn’t mean these are the only colors to pick from, it’s just an example of the effect that packaging color has on the brain.

By keeping these tips in mind, you will be setting the company up for a very successful product launch.

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