Why Most Businesses Still Prefer Windows

January 21, 2020



Most businesses leveraged on the advancements in technology to modernize several of their processes. One particular aspect that greatly benefitted on technological innovations is with automation through the use of different software programs. Most of these programs are notably Windows based, as preferred by most enterprises because of several reasons.


More often than not, businesses consider their budget restrictions before implementing any new solution. But apart from the cost, it is also imperative that they consider whether the functionalities fit the requirements of their business. While there are several open-source platforms, Windows is the most cost effective platform for businesses because it has the necessary tools and infrastructure that are needed to operate several systems.

For instance, there are several platforms that can be used for digital advertising, and these can be downloaded for free. However, the reliability of these platforms may be questionable and cause a digital signage to freeze or work improperly. A Windows-based platform has the necessary infrastructure support that ensures that the digital signage used by an enterprise for their marketing campaign is fully operational.


Windows offers several features that enhances the connectivity of the users such as DirectAccess and BranchCache, which supports remote systems. These features generate a more stable and reliable connection compared to a VPN service. Thereby, with a more dependable connection, the productivity of business employees who are located even in satellite locations will not be affected.


More often than not, businesses automate their processes to be scalable and ready for growth. However, with business growth comes network expansions, which may include an increase in the number of computers supported or a larger database. A Windows-based platform is easily scalable because of its design compared to other platforms that are not built to handle a relatively large network of computers. Thus, handling the network, together with all the user roles and permissions necessary, proves to be more manageable with Windows. In addition to this, Windows documentation is readily available and accessible for the user’s perusal, such that in the event that there is a mishap, there is a document where a user can refer to for a solution.


Different businesses entail the need to use various software solutions for their processes. However, not all softwares are built as plug and play modules. More often than not, the software needs to be compatible with the devices where it needs to run. While open-source platforms have the capability to support several software solutions, these platforms also pose several limitations. Conversely, Windows is considered as one of the platforms that support a wide variety of software solutions. It has the ability to run either customized services, or even off the shelf solutions. This flexibility makes Windows more preferred over other platforms in the industry.

In conclusion, businesses nowadays leveraged on software programs in order to automate their processes for more seamless production and transactions. More often than not, businesses and enterprises still prefer a Windows-based software because this is what they were accustomed to. Apart from this, Windows is still considered one of the most significant players in the field of software programming.

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