What Would A Superhero Workforce Look Like?


We’ve all wondered what life would be like if superheroes were actually real, but what would happen if they had to be normal members of society and work 9-5? PeopleVox have put this infographic together to explore what a superhero workforce would look like; ensuring that their talents can shine through. Although not all superheroes are mentioned, you will be sure to recognise these famous names. Life is tough without superpowers, but this infographic will be sure to help you understand what skills are preferred in certain job positions. From the position of director to the position of cherry pickers, is there a role mentioned that you can apply your skills to?

At the top of the chain would be Nick Fury, without a doubt. As someone who actually founded the avengers and leads all their decisions, it is clear that he would be excellent as the role of director. Not everyone has what it takes to be a director, but if you are a born leader and willing to make difficult decisions, then it is the greatest goal to achieve.

Supporting the director and working as supervisor would be no one other than Hawkeye. He always knows what is going on around him and very rarely lets anything get past him. It is important for a supervisor to hold these skills, as otherwise, the business will risk suffering from poor communication issues and as a result, an unorganised workforce.

The general manager, also known as office manager, could be Captain America. Superheroes are known for being inspiring, and having an inspiring figure as manager will motivate employees and keep them working towards goals. Captain America will do his best to support employees at all times, putting himself before others and ensuring that everyone is satisfied. He holds the perfect characteristics for being the best manager.

Now, in terms of customer service, Wolverine is likely to get the job. Unlike some other superhero candidates, Wolverine is surprisingly patient, meaning he will be able to deal politely with any customer queries and remain calm in pressurising situations. To be fair, no one will be wanting to get on the wrong side of him anyway…

To learn more about superheroes in the working world, take a look at this infographic!